My nearby bases have merged - SOLVED

Due to the changes with Beyond, bases appear to have merged. I am not sure if this should be considered a bug, but it is somewhat annoying.

I was working on my 2nd base in the area out of a total of 4 when I could not get my Base Teleport Module (Base Terminus) powered for some odd reason. When I tried replacing it in hopes of fixing it, I was told ‘only allowed one per base’. This is when it started to dawn on me and likely reason why I could not get this teleporter powered.

I then went into the build menu to find the edge of my base. While walking towards my first built base on this planet (273u away), the menu never changed. Walking away from all my bases, the edge appears at 345u (used to be 150u). Basically this results in all 4 of my bases having merged into a single base, as they are all within this new radius limit! I can only power the teleporter at the first base I created here.

I reloaded my save, so at least I still have the teleporters. Useful when teleporting from an active Base Terminus, or from a Space Station teleporter. Even though not powered, teleports to them still work. I will keep them just for that reason!

Not sure what else this causes when it comes to build limits or other. So far I can build just fine, even though in NEXT my limit was reached. Prior to NEXT I still had room to spare.

Bug or not, thought I’d share the info regardless.


Maybe this is why we have the new station to station transporters that can zap us to different areas of our base. Perhaps HG is trying to give us those cities we have been crying for. We, of course, will have to build them. :grinning:


What magic is that and where do I get this??? Previously I was happy to find out I could already do this, now it broke but has been replaced with a new toy I did not know about?

Edit: Don’t tell me I have to risk visiting the Nexus … :thinking:


It is this thing that @dersvr shows in the vid. Of course, his is not powered and I do not know how you power them or connect them but I saw a vid someplace of someone using one. Very cool.
@dersvr still has not stated if he could warp to his Freighter with it…waiting on that.


Ah yes, I recall the video being posted and you challenging him …
Would love to get some of those then, while still keeping my base teleporters for Space Station purposes.


It’s connected. I built a teleporter up on the base, connected a wire to it and jumped while keeping it activated till i hit the deck, then built another teleporter with some solar panels attached. :slight_smile:


Here is an overview of my area. I could only just capture all my bases in view. Now I am allowed to build again, I certainly have plans for more :wink:

At the bottom is my ‘harbour’ on the left, my lake beach on the right (1 base).
Halfway up on the left you see my ‘vehicle’ base, which is now missing a landing pad.
At the top center you can barely see my ‘river’ base with a bridge leading to it.
At the top, to the right is my ‘home’ base on top a hill, hidden in some trees.

There is another bridge crossing the river to the right of the visible bridge. It leads in the direction of home and also has an entrance into a cave. The cave goes into the hill, coming out near my home as well, but all that is hidden in this image.

You have all seen images of each base separately before. I am sure I’ll get some new pics, like I posted my home just a while ago.


I noticed someone tweeting about how they could now see their entire massive base due to some tweaking in a recent update. If HG does intend for us to build cities, this could be really exciting!
Good luck with all the wiring. Maybe hiring people out for that could become a real thing. :smile:


No way I am going to hire anyone with my OCD. I am actually even scared uploading my base or showing the location. I am pretty attached to this area!


Don’t want any free loaders moving in? @DevilinPixy be like… tenor


Anyone know the key to ‘switch base’, as is suggested in the prompt?


Interesting. It is on there with base uploadable as if there is some requirement needed first for it to become switchable? What does that imply?

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I was also thinking “GET OFF MY LAWN!”


I wonder what this means for folks with bases in close proximity to each other.

During next myself, Oshoryu, arpoja, mad hatter and sir oops set up bases with out computers 300u apart to make the most of the 150 radius and have things link up.

Guess I’ll find out when brave enough to load up the legacy saves :slight_smile:


Oh ohh :crazy_face:


Apparently the middle mouse button is used to Switch Base. I may have some work to do, moving over parts to the correct base …


So I have been looking into fixing my merged bases and the changes I have made.

Before HG fixed the keybinds and related issues, anything I changed, was all linked to my main ‘home’ base. This included changes to my other 3 bases (river, vehicle, and lake). I had simply been unable to change what base I had been working on, until recently.

The result of this is that all the batteries, solar panels, wiring, landing pad, and additional changes I had made, like replacing coloured lights, replacing building parts, and more, all ended up being edits for my ‘home’ base. You can imagine how some of these changes are basically quite a ways from the actual base they should belong to. This is going to cause trouble eventually, I am pretty sure.

So I now plan on using my backup to start over before those changes were made. Quite a lot of work to do again, but I feel it is for the best, to prevent any possible future issues. Can you imagine if I upload my ‘home’ base, just for others to find random wires, lights, generators, and whatever else, in the location of my other 3 bases, without even seeing those bases?

On the plus side, my teleporters at each base DO actually work now. I wasn’t able to get them to work before, because these teleporters were base specific, and so was the power. So no wonder only my home base teleporter actually worked. That was the only power I had access to at the time, and didn’t allow me to power another base’s teleporter.

All-in-all, this may work out even better. I now have multiple bases all in reach of each other, allowing me to choose whichever of the 4 bases I use. This can be pretty useful for some of the new rules with the power system.

I just have a lot of work to do all over again. I might as well remove all my ‘Terrain Edits’ while I am at it.


Added the suffix ‘SOLVED’ to the topic title, as this is no longer a bug/issue.