Scared to use a base terminus teleporter

Double your chances to not get lost always take a signal booster down to the new planet :slight_smile:

Keep the location of the System and the planet and input it into the Pilgrim Starmap site by Pahefu and you can find out where the planet is in the Portal Network (Not the Base or Station Terminus). Once you do that you have another back up just in case you lose your way in the galaxy :slight_smile:

I would have lost the location of where I started in the Euclid over 1 and a half years ago if I hadn’t kept the location of some of my first discoveries once the signal booster started to show coordinates. Good Luck Fellow Travelers :slight_smile:


About the pilgrim star app… I have found it on my ipad but not sure how to use it in conjuction with playing on a PS4

When you put down a Signal Booster Device and look at it you will see the coordinates of where you are at in the Galaxy. It will be a 5 digit Text only location of your whereabouts in the system followed by 4 sets of 4 digit hexidecimal coordinates representing the Region of the Galaxy in X,Y and Z as well as a number that represents the location of the System in the region.

Looks something like this HAJAI:07FE:0087:07FD:000C.
[HAJAI] is your location in the System.
[07FE] is the X Coordinates of the Region of the Galaxy.
[0087] is the Y Coordinates of the Region of the Galaxy.
[07FD] is the Z Coordinates of the Region of the Galaxy.
[000C] is the System Location in the Region.

X is your Left Right direction on the Galactic Map, Z is your other 2 directions on the Horizontal Plane of the Galaxy and Y is the Up and Down Direction as when you are swimming in water. The System location code is linear from 1 in hex and a bit over 600 in decimal.

Pahefu has made the Pilgrims Star Path Website to convert what you get from the Signal Boosters and just change them into location in the Galactic Map or you can even use the feature that lets you convert them into Portal Glyph Coordinates.

Pilgrim Star Path App ---->

I love this stuff and spent many weeks working on the System Coordinate part of the location. I still don’t know how that works but with the Portals working you don’t really need to understand that now.

The Mysteries of No Man’s Sky Still Remain :slight_smile:


Wow what a fab reply… that is such a good clear explaination thank you so much. I will follow your instructions and see where I am now!!!
I found a couple of vids after my question but I couldn’t see very clearly so again thank you.
I am getting braver about trying different things in the game apart from my usual collecting animals…