Goal: Build a base in every galaxy

I have been working on building bases in every galaxy. I have built in #1 Euclid to #30 Sudzerbal and have bases in #62 Quulngais through #67 Elkowald. 36 galaxies in all and 47 bases. My concern is will I be able to teleport back to all of them or will they disappear from the teleporter list when I go over 50? I have only use a little over 1/4 of the base terrain edits. I have been building on foundations that do not edit the terrain as much as possible.


The teleport list on a regular teleporter at a Space Station or your base is limited. The list is a lot longer at the teleporter you find on the Anomaly. Not sure if that list is limited, but will certainly be the better option.


Thank you @DevilinPixy I hadn’t considered the Anomaly teleporter. I asked HG and maybe someone will answer the question. With such a small team I am not going to hold my breath.