About that "regenerating galaxy to remove differences between creative, survival and normal mode"


What do you think it means, consolidating in one game type ? All game type players in the same pool?


It means they remove the differences. Right now if you both go to the same coordinates, you may find a different planet in different modes. With this patch, I assume all galaxies will now look the same across modes. (Probably they did this to prepare for multiplayer across modes or something.)
It might also mean that discoveries now get shared across modes, but that is pure speculation.


Allright. It seems to me that if the economy is affected by players, having some players in creative mode in a shared multiplayer experience could lead to weird imbalances as they can pretty much create stuff out of nothing.


I’m sure they’ll prevent trading from creative (if they thought about it for more than 2 sec, which they probably did).


I would think that they thought of that. Just like I assume that you can’t just call your ship in Survival or Permadeath mode.

I will find out here in an hour when I get home from work…the wait is killing me! :star_struck:


17 minutes for me. Really eager to experience those changes myself.