Permadeath family


I love this community, this game and this forum. I have been playing permadeath and finally made it to 10th galaxy :slight_smile:
I really hope i can find people to play with and if anyone out there wants to share a base or anything at all I would love to know about it! Keep on exploring citizen scientists!


Lots of people are there since 1.3…mainly because 1.3 made it a cake walk to get there without having to bother with actually even crossing a single galaxy and you can just jump to Eissentaam. The only bad news for you is you cannot see players or player bases of anyone playing on a different game mode…and not a lot of people bother to keep playing permadeath after they get the trophy for getting to the center in permadeath. So you may have a hard time finding anyone you can see or visit. But if you switched to normal there’s loads of people in Eissentaam you could see if you got to one of the hubs there.


I have a permadeath file I’m working on. Do you plan to stay in Eissentam long?

Also, I was under the impression permadeath and survival modes did overlap. Is that not true?


Yes. Permadeath and surivial mode players have base sharing (with each other).


I for sure plan on staying in eissentam for the long haul lol I’m on
permadeath and have a farm built right now when I get portal coordinates I
will share


You can see people regardless of game mode. This is one of the reasons for galaxy regen in 1.3, giving all the gamemodes the same universe to match up properly for multiplayer.