Heading To Eissentam Hub: A Guide | PS4 | Normal

I’m really just trying to make everyone laugh, but this is helpful as an alternate point of entry, deeper in the Eissentam Hub. Could be used to avoid the riff-raff, if PvP mode is integrated with Normal Mode after the NEXT Update. Thanks @MacForADay for suggesting this.


I don’t think PvP will be an issue…pretty sure the multiplayer will be separated from our current games in some way…primarily because now people will likely have to be paying PS+ or XBL-Gold subscribers to play multiplayer…they wouldn’t want the game to be unplayable to non-paying gamers because the game is always only multiplayer.

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I am glad to see you’re breathing easier about PVP.

My thoughts were always that the size of the universe and not being found unless you deliberately meet (or are in a hub) makes PVP participation in most cases optional regardless of how HG sets it up.


That is true but I don’t think they really want to go there as it would likely ruin the hubs, which I don’t think they want.

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Having owned an xbox/ps2 and a 360/ps3 I can say with great authority the xbox live community is the most childish and toxic of the lot. Im just grateful there’s no cross platform play and all the xbots can keep all their drama to their servers :slight_smile:

I’m actually really interested to see how this all goes down. We have two camps who are about to have very different experiences.

On one hand we have a community of current and active players on PC and Ps4, a community that came together when knee jerk reactionists gave us no safe haven for the game we love.

Then we have a platform where virtually every player who doesn’t also own a pc/ps4/nms will be experiencing the game for the first time, they’ve no community set in place, they’ll be starting their NMS story from scratch albeit a very different experience we had at launch in 2016.

Theres going to be two very different stories developing when Next hits and I can’t wait to see how they play out.


I am ashamed to say that part of my calm about PVP was that we were not going to be on the same servers as the new X-Box players.

FPS shooter PVP games was what the X-Box brand was built on. Many/most new players would see NMS multiplayer as another one of those games in what features they explore. But, those same players move quickly to the next game in which they can kill each other.

I agree, it will be very interesting to see how things go with the different platforms.


I am kind of stuck between the two worlds as I have been playing for 5 weeks or so and am soaking in the post-Atlas experience without having played before, but watched enough YouTube videos to get a sense of the community and the general sense of authenticity. I get it why it’s a unique kind of experience and how griefers could tread on that. I literally bought a ps4 to play NMS. I played Doom when I was a teenager and Fallout 4 on a pal’s PC (but don’t worry, I am not going to shoot anyone, based upon this track record)…not really a big gamer and this is pretty much my introduction to multiplayer gaming.

Met 3 other travellers this week and I don’t mind the orbs one bit - adds to the lore. Very stoked about what’s coming and hope that more people use this portal to get into the Hub and that the mechanics for co-op work well.