Useful Speculation

Its definitely possible, and i think they’ll add this.

They should give us a way to label ourselves
(The people who are not into pvp)

As peaceful.

And the others who like it,

“Peaceful unless attacked”
Or something like that.

Atleast to let the attackers know that he/she doesn’t want a fight.

Other than switching into creative mode to avoid pvp.
We need something like passive mode like what GTA V has.

Or, besides a passive mode, add a way people who aren’t interested in PVP can label themselves as peaceful.

Oh my goodness, another PVP thread, ugh. I think you are all being to paranoid about this. Over the last 2 days, I have jumped to 60 different systems, (on my way to the ECSD), none previously discovered. And since the game came out, I still have never encountered anyone else. This is on PC.
Yes, there will be more players when the update drops. Ive already noticed on Steam the average numbers have went from 700 to 1400 players since news of the update has hit.
But even just Euclid by itself is so vast it is going to be a rare occasion to encounter another player unless you are that close to a hub.
Relax, the option will be there, the DEVS know what they are doing. You wont have to fight if you don’t want to. I have faith, all of you should too.


I don’t think we’re being paranoid but the reason so many of us enjoy NMS is the chill experience.

What I worry about is all the sharing we do now. We share our favorite planets (portal addresses), we share our adventures/paths, we share our bases, etc. We shouldn’t have to worry having to stop that. If they figure out how to do that great! I’d prefer a separate galaxy or something along those lines. As long as we don’t have to give up something, it’s fine. I just don’t want us all to have to become hermits because we’re worried about the idiots coming to find us and harass, because they will!

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