Sean Murray's Reveals MAY 2018 (PvP Disscussion)

I like you. Good job taking this in a positive direction.

I agree with you. I was thinking about other games I have played and how they have implemented multiplayer. I don’t play Destiny anymore(I got it thinking it had a good story but turns out it was “ehhh”) but when you are playing single-player, you can see other players in the game and their activity but they cant harm you. They can shoot the bad guys and open doors but they can’t shoot you. When you accept a mission, others can ask to join you but if you want to play solo, the moment you start a mission, all the other players disapear amd your allowed to do the entire quest uninterrupted. If they want to join you and you agree, then they can and everyone else not allowed will disapear out of the play area until the mission is complete. That was a smart development move on their part. The only time you can shoot or harm another player is when you specifically go to an “arena” for it.

I think they are going to implement something similar to that. Accepting missions requiring you to travel far away and deliver something of high value, you and your chosen friends meet up with you and accept the mission too. Board your ship, fly away and the mission starts. NPC pirates follow and attack you. Maybe you get ambushed. Other players can chose to defend you(requiring a reward for their help) or attack you(if they rather have what you got) and you can use your “defense chits” if players and pirates are too overwhelming so you can have backup aswell.

Currently in NMS, the enemy NPC’s can scan your ship and find valuable cargo in your ship and attack you. Perhaps we will get a new ship scanner upgrade that can find out what other players have incase you want to be a pirate.


Agreed. i am no longer speaking on this issue as we have no idea how it’ll be implemented.

So anything else,other than what what da Big Sean said at the Xbox show, is speculation.

Happy travels fellow interloping entities :slight_smile:


Luckily all of us in the CSD community have a similar and unique interest in the game. It’s tough for me to even look at the steam forums anymore and I rarely even check reddit.
Your concept reminds me a little of Battlestar Galactica Online, the battles were on a massive scale and each ship had it’s role. I think this would be pretty fun having the option of calling in support. A small battle could grow depending on how many people decide on joining in. Also I like the idea of bringing a higher value to defense chits, as currently the NPC pirates are on the easier side and I can easily outrun the one’s I can’t defeat. These could be really valuable in a PVP scenario.


PvP can work within the single player experience by having High Conflict systems be, for the sake of lore, devoid of sentinel presence which leads to any law goes, including killing other travellers.

Those that don’t wish to participate in this dog eat dog style simply avoid those systems and continue on their merry way.

They could make the risk worthwhile as these systems could offer the best prices for trading your goods.

Co-operation will be encouraged as you put a team together to venture forth in a safety in numbers idea. It could get taken one step further with rival Hub’s/Guilds publicly challenging each other and advertising a time, date and portal address for a showdown.

It’s either that or a separate game mode which again wouldn’t be so bad.

It would only be worrying if PvP is prevalent in every system and that really wouldn’t be good or fun at all. No one wants COD in Space and I’m sure it won’t be.


So far guys/gals none of us are in the alpha for this.

That said, we have no bias for comparison, as we have no data.

Keep a cool head wait for the beta to roll out as they will have to do stress testing.

Then judge the results, and hopefully post positive critiques, so we can tune the balance before full release.


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Forgive me if I come across as rude, I’m not trying to single you or anyone else out specifically, but enough with this particular type of response!

Not everyone who’s worried about PvP are players who want to play NMS as hermits. Most of us have been really looking forward to the more social aspects of co-op multiplayer. We want to continue to travel to & setup bases in the most populated areas, we want to be part of building colonies together, we want to continue to participate in Unification Day style events, we want to continue to visit each others bases, we want to go on missions together, etc. That all puts us right out in the open, advertises where we are, draws great big targets on us. And many of us have experience with troublesome players in other games. They don’t just sit around waiting for people to come to them, they will hunt victims down. So we have genuine reasons to be concerned, and this kind response comes across as very dismissive and just further agitates, whether or not that’s intentional.


That’s where a lot of this conversation falls apart because people don’t get that just because people don’t want to deal with PvP/griefers =/= they want to play alone and that with the portal system it is in fact easy to meet up with others and many have formed hubs or shared their home planet portal addresses so that others would go visit their bases and play together. Unrestricted PvP would be bad and it is not something most of those people want. They want to play in peace with their friends without having to worry about constantly fending off attackers and such…if nothing else it would be greatly disruptive to what most peaceful players want to do.

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Alright, obviously a lot of us have different opinions on the matter of PvP. That’s ok! I’m interested in seeing what the numbers are. If you’ve made it this far, you probably have an opinion of some sort. Pick how you feel about PvP playing a role in NMS Next in the poll below, if you’d like.

  • Excited for PvP!
  • Curious. It might be fun.
  • Neutral. Don’t care either way.
  • Cautious. Waiting for more details.
  • Mad and frustrated PvP will be a thing at all.

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Very cautious…practically on extreme alert at this point since if this goes bad I’ll have to take very drastic and immediate action from the fist instant I boot up NMS NEXT. I’d rather PvP not be a thing at all but its existence will not be a bother to me if it is properly isolated so that only those who expressly want it get to be involved in it.


Again , this is a mute point guys and gals.

Just wait until more details are given, we are %100 speculating with every worry or concern, counter points, pros, cons,etc.

Lets not argue over milked that hasn’t even been poured yet.


I voted for curious. Though I am somewhat between curious and cautious, I tend toward curious more.

There’s no way that HG won’t consider those who are not keen on PvP. Even if it would be forced multiplayer (which I don’t think it will be, since there’s an option whether to want base sharing or not), then they had implemented systems to prevent excessive griefing of other players.

So yeah, I’m definitely curious about it. But what I’m much more curious about are the features that were not mentioned yet. :grinning:


Ohh yeah!!!
Me to. I’m dying to know what else is coming :blush: :rocket:


The damage is already done. Announce that PvP will be added to a game and watch as player killers stroll into once peaceful communities. :cry:


I think true multi-play will add SOOOoooo much more to No Man’s Sky. In an infinite space full of billions upon billions of stars, if you don’t want to be found just zoom off to an anonymous undiscovered part of the Universe.

I’ll probably be there though lol. But seeing a real traveller every once in a while or even visiting a city maybe to see others will make it all brilliant.

This coming update I think will be very exciting. I hope multi-play includes being able to have a pet! lol Probably no but that’d be worth a good rumour…

Imagine that meeting a guard pet on an abandoned Freighter you have to sneak past either solo or working as a team… Or smuggling a dangerous or cuddly animal into a new part of the galaxy.

Or being rewarded currency for transporting endangered creatures to a safe zone, like a Galactic Zoo where we could look at awe at all the possible creature combinations on display. A giant NMS Museum or Aquarium for instance, or a small fish tank decoration for a home base. lol


I wouldn’t worry too much. I know the prospect of millions of new PVP-loving X-box players added to the fold is daunting but there are some facts that temper the mental picture of marauding hordes in every star system:

  • The consoles will still not likely be together.
  • You can be selective about who knows your addresses when you do your after update base moves.
  • The universe is huge. You can be practically unfindable if you want to be.
  • Many of the peaceful community members here are not pushovers and will not stand for player harassment. This will help maintain the hubs we choose to establish.
  • Sean Murray, not being the biggest fan of PVP and “that guy”, had that peaceful exploration interest in mind while developing the coming NEXT update. He would be the last person in the world to take that possibility completely away.

To be fair we don’t know if PvP will just be unrestricted…right now most of us suspect it will be gated in some way…either in a separate game mode, or by a more detailed menu option besides the existing one to turn off online play or people having to enter a simulation within the game to get to play PvP or some such. So there’s hope that it won’t affect what’s been established in the game.


It has to be gated, otherwise permadeath would be an issue.


What if we are thinking about this in the reverse direction. What if we get a new “Exploration” mode that does not have the regular multiplayer features that the other modes will have ?

(If this is the case, giving your older save files this choice at the start of NEXT would be great, imo.)


Any one got a link to the new ship images cleaned up