Dont Worry About PVP

I’m pretty sure it HG knows exactely what they’re doing

If we work together as teams it could be as much fun as these guys are having on this Planet


What features apart from MP are you looking forward too, or would like added


I’ve mentioned a feature on reddit I wouldn’t mind seeing and might not be too difficult for HG to implement sometime.

That hologram we got of the character model… What if we could view discoveries in that form.

Example: You discover a cool creature. Export the creature model to a companion app linked to your NMS account. Then you have a 3d hologram of that creature on your phone.

Maybe even this app could let you manage some in game stuff from your phone. just an idea :smiley:


If they player models looked like Teletubbies, then I think I would be compelled to engage in more PVP (must cleanse the universe of the scourge!)


I am very much opposed to PVP. But I agree, Teletubbies must be eliminated at all costs.


“You have learned the word for Eh-Oh”


‘Tinky-winky Detected’
‘Weapons Systems Armed’


Custard and a vacuum cleaner; the game is sorely missing those two things. Also, stars should have infant faces in them.


PVP was always against no mans sky and what hello games represents. They’re obviously doing this for a huge reason, and I’m almost positive pvp will be a choice, because there’s some people who wanted it, and others who don’t. No mans sky is going to be eventually for everyone, hello games is just trying to satisfy all existing players. Just imagine what the 1.6 update will bring us. Think about the bright side guys.


Something huge is coming and we all can feel it.


I’ll be doing my own speculations about No Man’s Sky soon.

To answer the topic creator’s question with all seriousness, I am looking forward to these MP items (some of which are speculative):

  • Player models
  • Third person gameplay
  • Player-to-player trades or gifting
  • Shared base building/ larger settlements and cities
  • Better location of player bases or cities from the galactic map
  • Player group affilations in game
    Of course, this list doesn’t include most of my wishlist for the update, which starts with content and variety.

Also @Jacob_2000_Lol, I agree. HG will not likely force the PVP feature upon those that don’t want it.


Enough of this rumination about PVP. The topic’s been done to death.

What about Dipsy and Po?


I don’t know… Large fuzzy creatures prancing around the landscape and riding scooters would be a sight to find. And I want a slide in one of my domes. :wink:


Someone needs to create a mod where it replaces the Sentinel models with Teletubbies. Modders, get on this.


Maybe we SHOULD be worried about PVP if the Teletubbie universe gets involved.


When my son was about 2 years old he would watch teletubbies non stop. He got the idea we should try to make pink tubby custard. Made some custard with a drop of red food coloring and served it to him.

The little guy called me tinky winky for about a month after that lol… That was a hard one to get him out of.

So I say if I end up seeing one of those fuzzy monsters in NMS, I’m probably gonna shoot on site lol

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Adding to @LordMarkov list.

I too would like to build my base on the side of a mountain and have an elevator inside the mountain to go underground where i would park the exocrafts. The elevator might be alot to ask on thus coming update and i could wait for that.

I like the idea of PvP so long as they implement it right.

Im looking foward to being able to roam around in ground vehicles with friends mostly.

And i am hoping that the variety of ships, vehicles and planets goes deeper.

Hoping the creature and NPC animations is more varied too.

//bonus read below//

//Considering that a good player character will need a degree of animation skill to them, that would require someone with the skill-set to do it on HG team. To animate one character shouldn’t take too long. With the extra time on ones hands, I am wondering if that means the NPC’s and planet creature’s animations will change too now? Hmm… //


This starts to get amusing round about 0.37 seconds in…


What about landing on Asteroids, this multi-tool attachment hints at that


I always knew Tellytubbies was a bad influence on a generation. Some are now in the White House. :frowning: