I'm actually glad the game was the way it was at launch

Because if they would have released the game like it is now back then they might have made it multiplayer only which means years from now when the server shutdown we wouldn’t be able to play it anymore…


I really don’t think they have a dedicated server running for MP. The fact that GoG doesn’t have multiplayer atm is a strong indicator that this isn’t the case. THey’re using the platform matchmaking APIs to build a p2p connection between the individual users.


I really liked the game as it was at launch myself. I wish they had built on what was there rather than trying to tear so many things down to remake it with each update. Now the freaking subatomic physics and even the graphics are different! I wish they would put that post processing back in, or have it as an option, because the usual videogame look isn’t nearly as nice.

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Hey @stryker99,

I STILL HAVE the original files, for the 1.0x vanilla.
And relevant MODS for it.

I played it not long ago.
Lowflight, removing the vignette, attempts at a couple others, and went looking for info re modding, thinking I might explore it myself – not done yet.

IF you would like these files, so you can “re-play” the Original Launch vanilla version, here’s what we do:

(1) go to your current NMS installation folder.
(2) make sure View is set to “Details” (so we see file creation dates/times)
(3) create (Right Click, New…) a TXT (Notepad) file
(4) name it ArgentStar-Stryker99(.txt), leave it empty or put a single character
(5) SCREEN SHOT the folder view including the TXT file.

I’m sorry I have to do this, but I think it’s only fair, to ensure I’m not “giving the game away” to anyone who doesn’t already have it.
The TXT file is simply a way to “timestamp” for a “NOW” moment – as opposed to anyone “finding” a screenshot of the file listing folder view, elsewhere on the internet. :wink:
Basically, “proof” that you “already own the game”, before I send any files anywhere.
I think that respects the creators, HG, in at least that respect. I hope you’d agree (despite some inconvenience).


Please note that there is NO online server for naming anything; you will not have a connection.

You DO still get Credits for naming, and completing 100% discoveries on a planet, etc, so ingame currency is still earned.

… but your discoveries are purely “yours”, and nobody else will ever see them.
(Unless and until anyone takes the Modding part farther than ever, manages to take apart the Vanilla, and builds a compatible MP / ATLAS-database-like server, for Vanilla.)

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I’d love to do this for nostalgia’s sake. I’m going to be focusing on getting this crazy NEXT update figured out for a while, but I’ll give you some kind of a poke when I do this. I’m doing early retirement, sick of my gubmint job since a certain president and his party weaponized almost everything, so I’ll have plenty of time to devote to things like this.


I just tell GoG which version I want… :smile:

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@jedidia – you get a CHOICE?
When I was there on NEXT EVE, I ONLY had 1.38 (and “patches” for 1.37 --> 1.38) available.

I don’t have GOG Galaxy installed, though… does that make a difference?

My GOG doesn’t offer me ANY other versions…
Would you be so kind as to share a Screenshot of your NMS “shelf” / downloads page from GOG?

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Actually, I’m going to make a stab in the dark, @jedidia ::

You use Gog Galaxy, and G/G presents you with version choices.

but I would BET that, if you tried to download a previous version (unless G/G “saves” prev version install files somewhere already ON YOUR HARD DRIVE), you wouldn’t be able to do so…

The website’s page, as I say, only offered me the latest version, which was (at the time) 1.381, with patches from 1.37 (oddly enough!)…

OK, I’ve JUST had a look at what GOG is offering me, now.
What’s MOST STRANGE is the existence of PATCHES going BACK to 1.34!?!?! :open_mouth:
(… which were NOT offered to me, on NEXT EVE, when I downloaded Atlas Rises files)



… and the EXPERIMENTAL 1.51_b version patch! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Maybe I’ll download the GOG version when I get it on PC.

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In Galaxy, click on More -> Settings, uncheck “automatically update to newest version”, and it will give you a version list to pick from. I did however notice on the occasion of checking it out that it only goes back to 1.24 for NMS, so it seems I couldn’t downgrade any further if I wanted to. GoG support has been known to make older installers available on request, however.

It would downgrade the currently installed version, yes. No problem zipping that up and dumping it somewhere, though.


:heart: :heart:
THIS is one of those occasions where I LOVE being “wrong”.
Time to Install GOG Galaxy. :smiley: :+1: Thank you, @jedidia - MtFbwYA

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I think GOG is doing something GREAT in how they offer its user-base a DRM-FREE “I bought it, I own it” copy, in contrast to other game-download providers…

However, how keen are you to play Multiplayer, @SaraStarwind? :heart:
… cuz as far as news goes so far, GOG Galaxy (the 100% OPTIONAL, but required-for-multiplayer front-end) is NOT YET SET UP for MP with HelloGames… :frowning:

We - GOGers - are waiting…

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That’s exactly why I want that version. I was against multiplayer. Well not against exactly but I wanted to be sure I could still play alone with no chance of anyone else. I love being alone in the universe.


Yes, it is great to have that option, am happy too I have a GOG version on my PC :slight_smile:

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If you wish to continue solo playing without anyone unexpectedly popping in or out of your game just turn off network connections in options. If you want a change then simply turn it on again. :slight_smile:

I have discovered that if you ‘join a game’ using any of your modes, when you return to offline solo play again, you bring back with you anything you collected whilst in multiplayer to use in your solo game.

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But I understood from others on YouTube that uninvited players may still be present in your game as an orb floating around. Don’t know exactly what they do other than just floating around though…

“I STILL HAVE the original files, for the 1.0x vanilla … IF you would like these files, so you can ‘‘re-play’’ the Original Launch vanilla version, here’s what we do:”

I would be VERY cautious about distributing files that are copyright. Hello Games would I think, not be too happy to discover older versions of the game being distributed without their explicit consent. Sometimes things are superseded because of deliberate technical or legal reasons, demanding changes for unexpected reasons at launch. (I can think of one reason .)

Perhaps a better way would be to find or begin a campaign for a Modder, able to re-create the vanilla look of the game. That would be a far more appropriate homage to the humble beginnings of the game’s now legendary development story. Arguably perhaps now the most important historical version, providing an insight into the game’s atoning roller-coaster story of the ‘Phoenix rising from the Ashes’.

Edit: It’s ironic that people now want a return to the look of the ‘old’ game. Let’s hope they don’t also want a return to the vitriol of public commentary that surrounded the launch cycle too, for the sake of authenticity.

I guess you haven’t seen that it doesn’t work. Turning off network play does nothing, I have to start the game with my PS4 offline in order to make sure no one can join me. You also kind of missed the point of this post which is I’m glad we can play offline, especially in the future.

It’s not ironic because a lot of us were happy with the game at launch and didn’t ask for a lot of these changes. And no one wants the old reception.

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