Was NEXT made to appeal to the detractors?

I know this may be controversial, but looking at all the post in the No Man’s Sky facebook group from new members, it seems like they are happy now that they got what they wanted, or are still disappointed. But those of us who’ve been playing since the beginning are having a hard time adjusting. I don’t know how many of us wanted multiplayer, or third person, or more tedium with crafting. I think a lot of us just wanted more stuff to discover and explore, which has kind of happened. Just curious what the people of this group think.

Also I don’t know why they took away the ability to just need the materials to craft something that had an extra step in-between, like not needing to make marrow bulb into batteries when making storage containers .


From what I have read, HG did not listen to the haters. Everything has pointed to this being the game HG intended to make all along.
I will say that a number of people here, even though they loved it as it was, wished for more of a challenge. The game was simply too easy.
For those who do not care for the extra crafting details, there is always Creative Mode. Full exploration without the hassle. :smile:
I do agree that the crafting is a bit heavy but I am playing alone and I am slowly managing by making a list.
I might also add that true multi-player is what the most vocal players have wanted for a long time. But, you can turn it off…just don’t go online.
It seems to me HG has gone above and beyond to try to make this a game that will appeal to as many players as possible.


Well right now single player is not possible unless you start the game with your console in offline mode. But I have hope they will fix that as it seems it was an intended option that got messed up in the update.


On GOG single player is easy. :yum:

I would like to play multiplayer to try, but I don’t really care about it.


I just read that lol. Maybe I’ll get that version when I get it on PC.

I honestly think I just got scarred by my first MP experience, but wouldn’t mind trying it someday. But I won’t miss it when its gone.

Also just realized that a lot of people who left right after launch are experiencing all four updates at once so there are a lot of new things to them. They don’t realize how long we’ve had most of this.


They would definitely not do such a game only because there were haters. I read in a recent interview with SM that they did some marketing analysis of the salty backlash post-launch, and found that 70% of the comments and opinions of the game came from people that never even owned it. Trolls and haters will always be there, and they just saw a fine opportunity in No Man’s Sky. That’s all there is in my opinion.

Rather, as is visible from old interviews, I believe that SM and HG really wanted a whole lot of features in the game from way back that they couldn’t put into the vanilla release (due to time and money contraints). So they are right now fulfiling their initial aim with the whole adventure.


Well as long as I don’t have to take my console offline every time I want to play single player I’ll be happy because I can still play the same way I have since the beginning, wandering about.

Believe me. If you start on a new save, or even with your old save, you will in essence continue with the exact same game as before. The size of the universe didn’t change. What changed is essentially that four of the orbs became humanoid characters.

If you want to play with others you really have to plan for it, or be a member of a populated hub - which you wouldn’t be if you’re interested in SP in the first place right? In essence, keep on playing like before.

Nope. I turned network play off, and a friend joined my game without asking and appeared in my system. I didn’t get the option to deny them and no option to kick them, but admittedly they may not have stuck around long enough for the kick option to show up. And random people can join your game and will appear in your system. I’m guess you haven’t tested multiplayer yet?

All of that functionality was there in Atlas Rises as well. I have appeared in another person’s game unannounced both in AR as well as in NEXT. In AR we were orbs to each other, but in NEXT we are humanoids.

The “looking for friends” part has become easier in NEXT, sure, and if others see you online and playing the game they might wanna join you - but (on PC) only if you yourself have that turned on in your settings. On PC, you can choose from within the game, to turn Network Play and Voice Chat on/off in real-time under the Options tab in the settings (click Network and Voice), but I don’t know how this translates to PS4.

You could also kill the wifi connection from your device and play entirely offline, and then only connect if you want to upload your discoveries…

You couldn’t select to join someone elses game after Atlas Rises, among other things. You had to give a portal address. Yes we have the same network play option but it doesn’t seem to work.

This is what I see when I start up the game with my ps4 offline. To me this shows they meant for this to be an option but its been hidden for some reason.

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Yea I get the same thing. It’s the network and voice menu I was referring to before.
And yes about meeting up with others being easier now was what I meant with my comment earlier, i.e. through that “Join Game” option. If you keep multiplayer and voice chat off, but your wifi turned on as per normal, then can others still come into your session unannounced?

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Yes. I turned off network play as soon as I started the game post update but I guess because I started the game with my console online, someone joined it without my permission and I didn’t see the way to kick them and didn’t get an option to reject them. They were on my friends list so maybe that affected it. Luckily they left quickly. And that menu featuring ambient multiplayer only shows if I start with my ps4 offline. Otherwise it’s replaced with the network play option.

I should mention going back online after fully loading into the game seems to keep me in single player mode luckily so I can upload discoveries.

There is a “join random game” feature and I’ve had a few randoms piggy back into etarc hub chain on my playsession which scares me, I usually kick em immediately.

Howeber I have noticed a bug, if you are not party leader and the party leader leaves and you become party leader, the option to kick random people that join after is available but clicking it does nothing.


Thank you! I understand that this is new territory for HG so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but I hope they fix this soon. When I see that option to play a single player session even when I start the game with my console online I’ll be happy. Also hopefully they’ll add an ability to play an invite only multiplayer session.