Sooo... there are factions?

Ok. I thought No Mans Sky was pretty confusing. But I played it some more, and sorta got the hang of it. Then they added PORTALS. I’ve never activated one myself, but understand how to and how to use it. But THEN, I read an article about these different factions taking over each other’s systems and my mind kiiinda just melted into a puddle. I honestly have no clue when it comes to multiplayer XD

Multiplayer interaction is quite limited at the moment. You can see others, you can talk to them using a built-in VOIP system, and you can see their bases. That’s about it at the moment.

This faction stuff is only player-coordinated. With that specific war-like instance in mind; what happened was two civilizations got into a conflict and started using an exploit to delete other player bases from the network.

Hello Games seeing this kind of stuff happening will probably lead to a legit faction/civilization system being eventually implemented though.