Twitch Feed Thoughts

Stayed up to watch this last night and it was great to see the man himself talking about the game, still with passion and enthusiasm.

24th July can’t come soon enough!

Things I remember:

“You can be that guy…” PVP
“Build together” Co-op Base Building(?)
“You can be a wingman” Co-op dogfighting

In regards to PVP, I hope the below quote from Myriad70 is what I think it is:

My localized magnetic poles are pointing in the wrong direction. How do I fix this?

If multiple Temporary Magnetic Pole or Localized Magnetic Field users are within one mile of each other, the competing forces can have unintended effects on both users. Simply move away from the offending magnetic force to restore functionality. Do not attempt to move towards the offending force. Do not attempt to combine more than two force sources.

Hopefully, there will be a feature that you have to turn on to engage in PVP otherwise you’re undetectable.


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