PVP and PVE Modes

I think I know one way they could do multiplayer to make everyone happy,

Do Nothing. (well, almost nothing)

Here’s what I mean,

There was an incident the other day on Legacy Zero’s stream where he had gone to the Hub for the first time, was cool and all, and he was trying to move to that side of the Portal to explore the hub in full. On his way back through the gate, his PS4 crashed. After a few tries, the suggestion was made to ‘go offline’. He went into Options on NMS, Network and Voice, and turned “Network Play” off.

After that, the com balls surrounding the Hub side of the gate appeared and he was able to make it back.

That got me to thinking, What if they don’t change this? think about it, The com balls still appeared even though network play was off, yet now he couldn’t see other players.

So, for NEXT, if they don’t change it:

Network Play: ON The game is multiplayer
Normal Mode is Multiplayer and now the common shared universe
Survival Mode is Multiplayer and the next most common mode
Permadeath is now the ultimate “To the Death” game you would ever want!
Creative mode is now the new Minecraft! :smiley:

now, Network Play: OFF The game is single player
Normal mode is now your classic NMS that everyone knows and loves.
Survival mode is your classic challenge mode.
Permadeath, your still crazy, but no one else to help or harm you.
Creative, for that solo build as you want with no one to criticize your work.

You could still see comballs without Network play on.
With base sharing on, you could still see bases (colonies?) but you can’t change them, just nab a resource or two. Turn Base Sharing off, and the world is your’s to do with as you please. (on by default when network play is on.)

So, when Network Play is on, you get the network copy of the universe, when Network Play is off, you get only your local copy, with a few exceptions like comballs and names.

As for seeing folks in other modes on line, you still see them, but perhaps you just can’t trade resources and such, keeping the economies and play in balance, but allowing to meet.

Win, Win, Win, Win.

And actually, they don’t have to change how it works now in terms of mode and network play. We may already have our answer in game.


I think you may be onto something, I feel as if pvp mode may have to be separate because all thats been built may be too easily pilfered unless they have a work around. Another option would be something I have experienced in The Division by Ubisoft, in that a player has to initiate Rouge status .