Turning off Network play doesn't stop your friends

APPARENTLY TURNING NETWORK PLAY OFF DOESN’T WORK FOR YOUR FRIENDS. Someone joined my game without my permission and I didn’t see the way to kick them and didn’t get an option to reject them. When I turn off network play that means I do not want to play with anyone including my friends.

But luckily if you turn off your internet on the PS4 you can still completely play the game, and strangely I got this option when I went to the network settings.

Also a quick solution I just found: turn off your PS4’s internet, fully load up the game, and then you can put your PS4 back online and your game will still be offline.


So then turning off “Ambient Multiplayer” keeps non-friends from joining your game?

No idea but so far no one has joined my game. And I plan on keeping the option off. They better fix this. Also forgot to mention when I started up the game with my PS4 offline it said play single player game so the text is still there.

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The way I figure is if someone from my friends list pops in my game and acts like a jerk then they won’t be on my friends list any longer…simple really.


That was my exact thought as well @DarthTrethon.


Well they didn’t really get a chance to act like anything because I immediately started screaming about get the fuck out of my game without realizing they could hear me LOL. I really don’t like someone joining my game without my permission, especially right now since I’m still learning the update.


Is the “Next Update” already included on the Xbox one disc? Or will you have to download the " Next Update" after installing No man’s sky hard game?

It looks like it’s on the disk. But most of us on this forum are probably on PS4 and PC.

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AFAIK an older version of NEXT is on the disc, which requires patching. It’s a large download, but much smaller than the full download.

Another trick is to put yourself on “offline mode”. What it does is it makes you appear offline to your friends, while you can still be online completely. To access this, hold down the PS4 button to bring up the Quick Menu, then select “Online Status” (or something like that) then select “appear offline”

You still run the risk of a random joining you apparently.

Then turn off ambient multiplayer as well

Oh I have but apparently that option only shows up if you start the game offline.

Hmm. I’ll look into it

Is it just me or does PC not have any kind of “ambient multiplayer” setting? I can still turn off online mode (which I’m temporarily doing until I get a better handle on this update), but I have no ambient multiplayer option.

Have you tried turning off base sharing? That should solve your issue…at any space station teleporter people can filter for the addresses of their friends and if you have base sharing enabled they can come over…but turning it off should solve your issue.

That only shows up if you start I guess steam in this case in offline mode so it never knows you have internet connection until you fully load the game and then you’ll see that option probably.