Players Joining My Game


This is not really a request for help - although it could be a discussion point.

These are my current network/voice settings:

So I was a little surprised this afternoon, when someone I don’t know joined my game.

I was busy gathering storm crystals (in a storm), when a message popped up “XXXXXX has joined your game”.

And there they were. I could see their icon. The person is not, as far as I know, on my friends list.

Then they started sending me text chat. I was busy - I didn’t reply. I checked my network settings. They were as you see them now. I saved the game, and shut it down.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Weird?! :no_mouth:


Happens to me. Sometimes I chat back. I jumped through a blackhole and ended up in someone else’s game. It was strange. This is why solo play is not really solo. It has never been a problem unless I am near my base and then things get really laggy.

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I thought they fixed this!? :rage::rage::rage:


Well, it has not happened to me recently but, it’s a BIG universe out there. I have only had others show up maybe 4 or 5 times. They take a look around and then leave.


I don’t know. It’s never happened to me before. I thought with all the options turned off, that it wasn’t possible. It seems I was wrong.


it happened to me earlier on although I had my settings for "can join my game " to friends only and the &"àà!! tried to kill me without warning. I managed to chase him/her in space before he/she logged out and by the way his/her game id is 974Big8@nG(FR). The incident occured in the Ekwathore galaxy (nb23).
P.S. The 974 in the name likely indicates he/she is from the French La Réunion Island …


I think it’s still possible for two people in the same system that have arrived there the old fashioned way, to appear in your lobbh. There’s nothing to fear so long as your friendly fire and base permission options are all set appropriately. At least, this is the only possible reason I can give for what happened.


Don’t they usually show up as orbs, though?

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The guy who joined my game might have been an orb. I didn’t meet him - I just saw his icon in the system, and received text chat.

What bothered me was “XXXXX has joined your game”. I wouldn’t expect to see that with a chance encounter. That looks much more like someone’s been deliberately put there. And with all the multiplayer options set to “off”, that shouldn’t be possible.

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Yes, you would think so. If they choose ‘join a random game’ on start up, apparently it can place them in any game currently running. I would say the only way to be completely sure is to play offline , but then you cannot upload discoveries.

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I had that exact same experience after NEXT.
I exited to discourage contact, then restarted.
I had already uploaded the discovered planet, so exiting was OK at that point. :slight_smile:

I’d think that a random joining of a game should not select a player with MP Off. Letting somene join when MP is off is just not right.