Turning off network play doesn't work


Someone joined my game without my permission and I didn’t see the way to kick them and didn’t get an option to reject them. When I turn off network play that means I do not want to play with anyone including my friends. I have to start with my console offline in order to see the option to play single player. Single player should be the top option when you start the game up no matter what.


If you go to the party screen and place the pointer over the other player’s name you have the option to “kick”…a good place to start…shouldn’t give anyone the time to grief you.


Well before I started the offline thing I had someone on my friends list join me. I don’t know if the kick option was there as I asked them to leave before I got a chance to look. But that should not have happened in the first place. I’m submitting a request every time the ps4 gets an update that doesn’t fix this.


I have experienced something similar however I was unaffected. While playing I was notified twice someone entered the system I was in but I was left alone never even saw them. I do however have network play off so I am curious as to what this option true purpose is. I differ from you in that I don’t mind running into people. One suggestion I have is trying to do something similar to what is done in GTA V online. If people want to join a public server but avoid people, they set up their internet custom. When you get to the MTU setting put this at 800. Generally I have been able to do most things with no problem with this setting, but I do switch it off when playing Multiplayer games such as Battlefront or anything along those lines.


Of course…you should put in bug requests. Also getting out of Euclid will help you A LOT!! 95%+ of the player base is in Euclid…getting out of there will be an instant boon to your chances of glitches like this interrupting your peaceful gaming.


Or they could just make the “play a single player session” option pop up no matter what, that would be much simpler. If I want to switch to multiplayer I’ll save and quit (and in my case would jump to a different save).


Actually that won’t help if someone chooses to join a random session because they will warp right to me.


Well it technically still could happen, yes, but it DOES help because there are A LOT less people who could end up in your game.


I shouldn’t have to leave the galaxy I’ve been in for two years just to be left alone in a game that use to be only single player.


In principle I agree but personally I hate the idea of being in that noob and casual pit. It’s where every mindless griefer will be to be honest…dedicated players only who actually enjoy the game get to leave the worm pit.


I have to agree with your previous comment. Really it should be No one can join your game until you have the setting enabled. I think because we all start out with multiplayer on technically, when it switches off, it gets kind of locked into your connection being open. With a no multiplayer setting enabled from the jump I believe it would allow one to play with no interference. One thing I do to test I am playing truly solo, is pausing the game with the option button. I note the position of everything and it stops when I hit pause. I have yet to try this with people around me but I believe it is an indicator you are truly alone.


I found that when in multiplayer mode things move in the multiplayer mode (player fidgets, ships float off into the sunset, …) and when in the single player mode everything stays static like before. Also in single player first person mode your character geometry isn’t there (when you save, buy from terminals etc). Once I turned off network mode and I saw that someone left the party (I didn’t know they were there).


Actually sadly the game now always factors in third person. I didn’t want third person, but now I see my character when it zooms out for the shop and such, and I have a shadow. :confused:


That is a good point about the connection being stuck to on. Playing a single player session does keep you alone, even after turning the console online. Yeah pausing still freezes which I’m happy about.


Could someone please send me a portal address to get the heck out of Euclid? I really want to avoid multiplayer as much as possible.

I promise I will find a crappy planet in the portal address to make a quick base to, go back through the portal, use the tele, go to my base, and delete it right away.

I just don’t want to be in Euclid at all.

Thank you friends!


Can’t do that…portal network is restricted to the galaxy you’re in…the same portal address will lead to the same point in space or the closest approximation for every single galaxy so 255 galaxies 255 different destinations for each portal address.

You can join someone in their game in another galaxy but you’re never going back…unless HG patch the game trying to teleport travel to your Euclid base will take you to the same point in space but in the galaxy you’re left in after joining the other player…that’s likely to be just a point in literal space that will likely lead to your swift death.


And SaraStarwind mentioned the warping. How on the earth are these game intruders able to warp right to us? That’s what has happened ever since the next update. They show up right at my base. I had the crap startled out of me the other day when one person showed up, and was standing in my way as I was trying to build my base.

Before the NEXT update I felt like a secret gardener in a lovely serene fantasy world full of alien beauty. Feeding, and loving my whimsical creatures, and my mind would become so totally immersed it was unreal .

Now after NEXT it feels like my game is world of warcraft, with miserable, raging tweens coming through kicking, farting and peeing on my little online dream of paradise.

(No jab at world of warcraft actual game and devs, I’ve been playing that for about 12 years on and off to mount farm, and stuff. But it is the most toxic online community of rages I’ve seen after Tera)


Oh dang. How did you all get to other galaxies ? Or am I just out of luck? Thank you DarthTrethon.


They select to join a random player in their game…and right now the different galaxies are no barrier…the only way to stop it is to turn off network play.

If you really want to leave Euclid and you’re on PS4 and you’re ok with Eissentam then I can help you…but it won’t stop the problem. For now you can only stop it by turning off network play.


Thanks Darth. I really really want to get to Eissentam especially to find lush planets It also seems people from Eissentam all have the same mindset , and passion I have for this game. Not saying all people in Euclid are bad.
I’m getting angry in a game I never ever got angry before in when people keep showing up uninvited. I do have Network off. Unless its a bug, there have still been people showing up in my game.

I have to get back to work but I’ll be back on the forum tonight after I get home in a couple hours.

Happy Traveling!