"Play with others" issue

I normally don’t play multiplayer or with others. This weekend, though, a relative wanted to have a “Play Date” and join me in one of my Creative mode saves. I’m sure we didn’t do something right, though.

I texted him my Steam (PC) Friends code. He texted me his PlayStation “Friends” code. He also enabled “Cross-platform” on his PlayStation.

We entered the code and we each shows as a friend. He shows as a friend now, but the network settings “Current Group” shows only my Steam name, not both of ours. When we tried to meet at the Nexus, he could not see me and vice versa. He did not appear in a “Nearby Players” list either.

If he then entered “Multiplayer” not “Play Game” [others can join] option, we could see each other, but he was not able to go through a Nexus teleporter with me.

The “Game Play: Other explorers may join your session” initial option seems like we should be able to meet up and travel together, but it never happened.

My Network settings in Creative Mode “Play with others” startup:

Any thoughts on how to make this work without starting in the Multiplayer game mode?


One of you has to jump into the other’s game. You won’t see each other in the Nexus without being in a group. So the answer to your last question is no, you cannot play multiplayer without one of you starting in multiplayer game mode to jump into the other’s game.


I have never joined a game crossplatform but, when joining another PC player, I had to accept an invite to join their game. @MacForADay is correct, MP must be on. However, even when in someone’s game, you don’t always end up in the Nexus together.

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I don’t think the words “relative” and “play date” were ever intended to be in the same sentence… :rofl:

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I have had the recent issue of not being able to jump into friends games that are on currently. (PS4)

I circumvented this by sending a direct game invite that will send you into their game.


Well in this case it fits. He’s a youngster.


I have found my error. Even after we saw each other (he was in MP), I didn’t realize that I needed to call back up the Network menu and invite him. It would be nice if that were an option on clicking on the player’s small diamond above their character. Having to reopen network settings is a bit irritating.

Meanwhile, random travelers kept inviting me to join them. LOL. One gifted a Void Egg I didn’t need. I may gift that to my grandson when we finally get together.