Unable to see each other in the Nexus

Mal ( @Malveka ) got to the part (new Normal save) where he went into the Nexus for the first time and found it full of players and their ships. He tried to invite me to group but I got no message (though I heard a beep).

I was one step on the tutorial path behind him, but when the Nexus Anomaly showed up and I flew inside, it was empty. No ships, no players, and no Mal.

We checked that our settings were the same, eg, multiplayer on, everything else off except ship and on-foot markers set to be viewed by friends/group.

Then I tried to group him and though that worked. we were in separate instances of the Nexus. Mine, still empty and his, full.

He tried leaving the Anomaly and then returning. This time he also had an empty instance, but we were in separate instances again.

We agreed to finish up the Anomaly mission and meet up outside. I took an archeological mission from the Nexus. But he didn’t get a group mission prompt.

We both left the Anomaly and were thrown far far away from our entry systems and even though we were grouped we emerged not into the same system, but looking on the galaxy map we were one system away from each other. Mal chose to come to the system I was in and we met at the station where we could see each other and interact. It was late by then and that is where we chose to log out.

My question is this: If we both head to space from the station now, will one of us be able to call the Nexus and both of us see it and fly in together to the same instance?


Sounds like you just had the misfortune to be pushed to a brand-new shard because all others were filled up. You’re not guaranteed to see somebody that is at the nexus at the same time, since you might end up in another instance. And if you’re terribly unlucky, you might even end up in an instance that doesn’t have any other players yet.



Would be nice to eventually see a similar implementation as Dual Universe has done (continuous single shard).

The problem is, developing that technology is probably half the budget of that game. If it’s not going to be a core feature that is fundamental to the type of game you want to make, the investment is just waaaaay too large.

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Oh yes, I certainly agree! We will likely never get something similar, even more troublesome with the various platforms involved.

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