My Thoughts on the Myriad 70 Website/PDF

The Myriad stuff from today seems to point to 2 key things to me:

  1. A universe reset/reboot will be required for the next update (the PDF talks about the current system capacity not being enough and the need to reallocate resources in order to complete the new model. This makes perfect sense if the update is significant and it also explains why people can no longer see the build progressing (they are working on a separate new version to be implemented via a reboot).

  2. Multiplayer aspects (to be clear I do not see fully fledged MP coming, at least not yet). The Myriad website references the ability to send physical items to others and also mentions issues arising from being located within 1 mile of someone else. My guess here is some sort of trade system, perhaps sending items to trade depots or buildings where other players can go and collect them allowing for real trade between players.

Last thing I would throw in is the 2 above points are obviously not the main Portal related change/update/new feature - We still don’t have any solid answer on what that will be but my guess would again be MP related…some sort of specific Hub system/planet/area where player interaction is possible in some form.


Welcome to the rabbit hole L Plays!


I’m so ready! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would really recommend you to not get any serious expectations about any future update. The hype train is seriously dangerous, especially if it is based on no more than indirect analysis of texts that may or may not refer to an NMS update.
Additionally, reallocating resources does not always require a reset or a reboot, data may very well be migrated as is.


Don’t worry I’ve got no expectations beyond it will have something to do with Portals. I’ve just made a video/warning on the topic to advise people just as you did then (posted on this forum also) :smiley: Beyond that I’m ready to have some fun discussing and speculating about what could happen and what would be cool etc…

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Also on the subject of a possible reset it’s just the vibe I get from the PDF, also found it an interesting idea as not too long ago all work appeared to have stopped on the current version of the game (and still hasn’t picked up again). It’s of course possible that HG have found a way to work on the build without people being able to get in to the files and see work being done but it would also make sense if they were working on a new build of the game/algorithms which will be deployed as the update, likely requiring a reset. It’s fun to speculate :stuck_out_tongue:

Already seen my Hilbert dimension game rest after marking points with, * and going back and them being gone. A full reset might be fun if you can get between universe’s.

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Purely speculation but my guess would be if this is the case the update must include a significant change to the fundamental aspects i.e the actual algorithms themselves and the way the universe is generated. I’m thinking along the lines of improved terrain generation (Sean has talked about this in the past at length), new models, textures, items, creatures and general improvements to variation etc… Obviously there will be something around portals as well and based on some of the vibes I’m getting from the about page on the Myriad site some multiplayer aspects (not full MP but more like trade via special buildings or depots etc)

If I was going to guess what the Portal element will be I’d say some sort of Hub Planet/System or area with some form of player interaction but again not fully fledged MP.

I think the references in the Myriad PDF to “resources not being enough” makes me think they’ve finally got around to offloading the procedural generation code to the GPU, which they’ve talked about before as an optimization they’d like to do. This would free up the CPU to do more stuff, especially on the PS4.

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Is the resources not being enough referring to an out of game reference about NMS (such as how the code is done) or is it more of an in game reference that perhaps whatever would run a simulation is running out of room or if this is somehow all a precursor to what the NMS simulation is…

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Well, it’s a reference to one of the other companies using Myriad storage. We don’t know which one. But as many things in this ARG, some of this could also be references to the game. Of course that just gets into baseless speculation.

It’s hard to know how much NMS is directly connected to the fiction. I think not very much, except for references to make us certain that NMS is directly related to the ARG.

Interesting thought, it could totally be a reference to the in game simulation and be leading up to a new one (possibly with a different story line set of quests etc). That could also be an interesting way to let them make some changes with the update that can be explained (lore wise) as being a result of the new sim :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you’re entirely right, the only thing we can really be sure of is that portals are involved in some way xD

Yes! I think myriad70 website gives lots of hints about the update. RISE ABOVE ALL EXPECTATIONS. They hint on some multiplayer aspects but the main thing is more storage space, better crafting method, amongst many other hints.

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