NEXT - Theorising with what we know

Just wanted to talk about the stuff that has been confirmed as appearing in game and how it affects everything.

The new ships that have been teased: I’m wondering about cost. Now an S-Class Hauler has a BTI (Before Trade In) price of 126m, whereas you can expect to pay around the same for a high end Freighter.

Will the new ships be more expensive than this? Will they overhaul the economy completely again and adjust for inflation? Or maybe we’ll be given the new ship as part of a quest.

PvP and how that will affect things has been discussed to death on here, but another idea I had about it was that a new storyline could evolve where we have to unite to fight back against the Sentinels. The mechanical-menaces have infested certain worlds and we need to band together to liberate them, naturally you will have to trust who you take with you…

Will the large Ring-structures come into play? Will we be able to portal-jump with our ships?


A high-end freighter is a lot more than 126 million. 34 slot S-class would be well over 300 million.


Around 500 million if I remember correctly.


My C-Class Capital Freighter cost around 122m so it was this I was basing it off. I didn’t realise you paid so much more for the S-Class!

So with this new information in mind, the new ships, rumoured to be smaller than a freighter, what would you expect to pay for one?


I think they will stick with the same price ranges, and it will all depend on how big those ships are and what capabilities they have.
The first thing I (and I’m sure many others) thought when seeing those rings was Ship Portal! So I would love that to happen - but there are an awful lot of them easily found and I can’t see having that many portals on a planet.
Extra story content is always welcome - if I’m not forced to play a specific mode for in games assets(multitool,ships etc) I will be happy.


I suspect those ring structures on ‘redacted’ type planets to be a portal of sorts.
I also noticed those large bony virus looking things and those mechanical sphere things look like they would fit through one. I think they are a type of breach that allows weaponry through, that destroys (edits) a planet, leaving it a weird wasteland.
The shard planets have smaller shattered objects that from a distance look like bipedal beings. Really creepy.


I have been wondering about the new ships and how they fit with pre-existing vehicles and structures:

  • Could the new ships land in a new spot that opens up on freighters?
  • Could the new ships hold our spaceships?
  • Could the new ships hold our exocrafts? (What I think is the most likely.)
  • Will you be able to land the new ships on space stations in a new spot? (Or will they externally dock?)
  • Where would we purchase one of these new ships? (freighters and space stations like I theorized before or a new starport-like structure that we have seen in the unused files?)

This interaction will be interesting to know, they have to interact somehow I guess. Maybe a separate dock that will need constructing?

This would be game changing for me. Arrive in a new system in your freighter, launch your ‘frigate’ and journey to the surface where you deploy either your ship or Exocraft.

There’s certainly room inside that giant mass for enlarged landing bays.

Now you’ve got me thinking about orbital Ship-yards, that would make the galaxy feel more alive if you like, as would more rooms within the existing space-stations… But, I’m gonna stop there as I want to keep this to confirmed additions!


Not sure what you mean exactly by “a high end freighter” but a 34 slot S class freighter is about half a billion…so substantially more expensive than a 126 mil hauler. As for the new ships…assuming they are ships…they seem to be what some refer to as mid-sized-ships…significantly bigger than our existing ships(still big enough to probably hold about four of our existing ships in them) but not as big as an actual freighter…that’s the theory at least. So if that is actually true then the best ones should end up costing more than the 126 mil you’d pay for a top hauler but less than the 500 mil or so you’d pay for a top freighter so my guess would be 200-250 mil.


Yeah I’ve already been corrected on this, Mac beat you to it :sweat_smile:

I hope your right about the sizing and cost, everyone has been asking for a, “Millennium Falcon sized” ship for ages now.


Well, fair enough, but do read the rest of my post…hopefully it gives you an idea about the price I suspect they’ll have. In terms of docking them I think at best there’s a chance each of our freighters will be able to hold one of these things(assuming the assumption of them being mid-size-ships is correct)…but we might not be able do dock them in stations…we’d have to jump in our ships and go to the station as we do with freighters now. But they might be pilotable and possibly even landable…although all this at this point is pretty mad speculation.

As for the large-ring structures(they’re called Boundary Failures) I’d guess very much yes…as we see mentions of boundary strength and failure all over the ARG.


That is Sweet music for my ears! Could be absolutely awesome!
More rooms inside Freighters, more possibilities like repairing your own stuff / exocrafts etc…


New ship Could be something to do with landing on asteroids?