New hints for NMS NEXT


There’s huge rumors that No Man’s Sky will be coming out sometime in july for Xbox One.
I also want to let everyone know that they’re hinting ringed planets, as you can see, there’s a ringed planet in the background, its kind of hard to catch at first, but its the farther distant planet, which makes it look smaller.
They’re also hinting a 4 player squad mode, and new ships in the game.
Be prepared all my fellow NMS players, this will be a huge suprise!

Ringed planets in NEXT?
What are these dots on the planet? - Box
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Thanks @Jacob_2000_Lol
This is already being discussed over here Ringed planets in NEXT? but I wont relocate your thread as it is essentially a new topic.


Sorry about that


I’m just going to edit your title to be slightly more relevant and easy to find.
Topic is fine and it is relevant to discussing the Xbox cover art for the NEXT update.


What are these dots on the planet???---->
Wan it be something?


Looks like asteroids in front of the planet.


Will we be able to see asteroids from this distance on NEXT?
Are these bigger asteroids that we could land on it?


Being cover art it is probably more concept than actual realistic imagery.
There has been hints in the past about landing on asteroids but for now we can only speculate.


i know but… maybe that is too big to see to see from this distance.


u forgot to mark this possible gas planet.Screenshot_4


Certainly looks like a gas planet, although the circular object to the left of the top of the Atlas looks sort of like a crater. I’m thinking it is a moon or planet in front but it’s hard to tell.


but gas planets like Jupiter has some circular characteristics toodownload

Gas Giants?

Yep, good point.
Massive storms on gas planets would be an interesting/deadly encounter in a little starship. :grin:


the problem is that we can’t land on gas planets, maybe they will put some rare resources on the gas planet’s atmosphere so we can colect it in the middle of the storm. that should be cool, but it’s just speculations.


There is actually already a short thread discussing Gas Giants? over here…


oh, didn’t see it


Or a giant storm :sunglasses:


one thing I want on this game is to see asteroids from a fair distance so they don’t pop up on my face!:upside_down_face:


There is some talk of new ships but I think the fighters pictured look pretty much the same as the variations we already have. Maybe the one with the wing tip spikes is something I’m not sure I’ve seen on a fighter.


Player characters look pretty interesting.