No Man's Sky - Just a bit of speculations

The NEXT update will most likely be in july guys, im 90% sure that the release date for Xbox 1 has been leaked, which will be on july 30th.
So the update will probably be before then.
Brace yourselves! I can’t wait. I’m thinking it will be on july 4th, or a bit afterwards, anyone else?
What do you think? Feel free to comment! :smiley:


GameStop, BestBuy and Target all show release date July 24. Only WalMart shows 31st, which is not surprising since our WalMart, (not sure about the rest) never has games on release day anymore. That is why I no longer shop there for game related stuff. As for when the update releases…I don’t know. Would be nice to get it earlier but, could be the same as release day. Either way, I am also SUPER excited!


Me too! It seems like the update might be earlier than expected, but we’ll see! Thank you for the help! :blush:


Didn’t want to start a new topic for what has been often discussed but this thread’s topic leaves things open for ‘speculation’…

I have a few mild concerns as to where NMS may be headed in the NEXT update & I’m interested to hear other’s thoughts on the matter…
As a solo player who got into NMS way back in the begining, I’ve enjoyed many hundreds of hours wandering the cosmos, exploring & generally enjoying spaceman life.
Admittedly, I find myself a little bored sometimes of seeing the same similar features but that’s to be expected after several hundred hours. I am really hoping HG ramp up the general variety & introduce new things to discover.

With NMS increasing in popularity now it has risen far above it’s slightly messy beginings, I now wonder if multiplayer is a large focus in the upcoming update. Popular consent seems to be a desire for much more interactive multiplayer. Personally, I like the novelty of being all alone in a massive galaxy. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed my few interactions with other travellers but I’m not into multiplayer type gaming much beyond being able to check out someone’s cool base ideas.

So, between introducing NMS onto 2 new platforms, a possible shift towards more collaborative play, plus quite a lot of existing bug stomping, I can’t help wonder just how much ‘new’ stuff is going to be in the next update for us solo players looking to see ‘more’ of the NMS universe.
Hints from Waking Titan suggest there may be great things (mirror images, planetary rings, new lore) plus there is the expectation of some answers to things (like what the Boundary Failure ring structures are for), but I can’t help wonder how much time has been spent simply expanding onto new platforms and arenas.

What do you guys think?


There is the claim that this update will be the biggest up to date… If we were to just get “hinted” features like multiplayer, VR, XBox port, lore and expansion to China’s market, that would not cut it, in my opinion.

On any other case I think I would call it marketing strategy and wait for disappointment… But at this time, I’m convinced HG just “don’t do marketing”.

They talk cryptic, poethic… and so far, delivered beyond realistic, down-to-earth, small-team expectations, by far. (On something, though, that is still, and should not be, for everybody)

So while Next could turn NMS into COD, or the fact that I might want to start saving for a VR set, which could be betacam/laserdisc-level technological investment win, at this point.
(Expecting full-body holodeck immersion tech to hit the market soon, or I might not have the money)
…I hope the path, while straying sometimes of the initial vision that was conveyed to us so eloquently, will be more in the direction of things they didn’t want to put in, like base-building, but that the players would really like it going. In that sense, there is room for speculation… Stuff like zoo-keeping and pollination of species (got the same nervous laugh rejection from Sean as building), a layer of customization, multi-biomes, ramped-up variation nearer to center, terraforming, dynamic empires at galactic level, modding support… and yeah, the dreaded multiplayer so many like us don’t really care about.

I speculate, therefore I hype.


Totally agree that NMS in its current form & previously is ‘.is not for everybody and should not be, for everybody’ It is a special niche game, with a focus & style quite different from the rest of the games out there. It has given in on some things such as bases, vehicles & fetch quest missions but it has retained that lonely explorer feel once a player is away from civilisation & alone on some hostile world.
I’m not against the home planet type terraforming idea, where a player takes a dead world & gradually helps it become a vibrant environment: Introducing animals & plants, possibly even creating a world others could potentially visit. Base building on a planetary level. It isn’t exploration but it would require wandering far & wide acquiring species samples & the seed based game structure could probably support this type of interaction. Multibiome aesthetics would work hand in hand with this idea, allowing a planet to gradually become life filled. I can even see ways this would fit into the game lore.
I hope focus in NMS remains artistic & keeps with the original concepts as best as can be managed.