Gas Giants?

Am I the only one who thinks the ringed planet on the new box art looks like a gas giant?

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I’m more looking at the main planet:
Big swirly Jupiter-like dust clouds and tiny planetoids in front.


Its difficult for me to tell, but rings would suggest a gas giant given Roche limits.

The big one at first looks like a gas giant, but you can see a crater. I think they were wanting to show off the clouds.


Crater or planet? Proper craters would be excellent too!
…and yes the backgound one with the tight rings could likely be a gas giant.


Well there’s definitely a ringed planet there, maybe a gas giant at that. Looks like new cloud textures on the large planet, maybe the crater signifies that we can see surface features of planets from afar finally.

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hmm… floating platforms???



Yeah… we were speculating somewhere else (Ringed Planet Thread maybe?) that perhaps Gas giants could have floating Citadel type structures for mining gasses or whatever.