No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

Excellent! <3 :+1:


This little guy had something in its look


They added low flight even for those flying creatures :slight_smile:
I swear, i hoped they would land… Unfortunately, no! :blush:


I was so hoping that the whole Mr/Ms Noodles thing meant we could keep pets because I so want to scoop this little guy up and take him home with me.


The answer is waiting…


Question of Pets? …Livestock?


Perhaps a future update could include pets n’ livestock.

Having visible hands would increase interaction, too… A gentle pet or feeding.


Yay! I finally found a purpose for the poop emoji! :joy_cat:

Dr. Crim asks for a . Dude says, “Less work, more family/friend time, pets n’ ASMR!”


This is rather random, per the theme of the OP, but thought I would throw it in.

This is how you know when you have spent too much time on a planet.


@Epitaph Yes. I know exactly what you mean! :blush:


Lol, you have me beat. what’s keeping you? Im snatching star bulbs… have been since last sunday. I almost have enough… I am so sick of this planet. :rofl:


Hmm… Where have I seen this thing before :wink:

I haven’t seen one of these in a while. Anyone been following the lore? These things finally have a place (I think).


Stuck in my head now…

Sweet ass fan art too man, nice job!


Lots of water cows, but where are the land sharks and space whales?! Maybe they were defeated by the sheer majesty of the aquatic bovine.

I actually made it all the way to 1.2, having played daily, without seeing a single water-mammal like the beavers or cows, but I’d seen photographic evidence from launch day. I thought was a bug or PC mod or something XD

@Malveka Stealing that for my desktop slideshow :slight_smile:
My Ender Saga books, have them about 20 years now (not counting shadow saga that came out in the last 2 decades) are starting to look beat up and old like that andre norton copy you posted :slight_smile:

@William I don’t know how many hours I wasted in the early days trying to kill a big flyer just to get a nice close up look at them. Thankfully photo mode came along. I don’t even think its possible to kill them, I wasted 2000 plutonium trying to shoot the fecker down!

@sheralmyst Has that tiny deer been posessed by Shirley Temple? It looks like it’s doing a little dance :3

@Epitaph May as well get two more and round it off to 69 for juvenile comedic effect

@TravelEcho That number is insane! I’ve noticed lately I’ve kinda stopped saving at waypoints, may have to start again now that I have some figures to aim for. 1000 waypoints? Madness? Heresy?

Well I think I’m caught up with this thread :slight_smile: It’s dangerous to spend more trhan a day away from NMS and ETARC


Pool anyone?


No one is free, even the birds are chained to the skies


Hello fellow travellers, been away from the forum for a while, will try to show up more often again.
Right now my controller is recharging, so I have some time to send you some postcards :slight_smile:

Good morning!

Landed on a moon but couldn’t leave my ship:

This thing refused to go away. I watched the scene from the cockpit for about 20 minutes real time, then decided to land somewhere else.

Korvax Love :heart:


It’s my original planet on normal mode. So I guess it’s kind of cheating. lol

I didn’t restart (yet?) and all the stuff I documented there is still in the logs. While waiting for my base quests to unstick I’ve decided to prowl around and fall into holes in my Roamer scavenging as many nanites as possible so I can buy the freighter upgrade when I find it. Don’t even have a freighter yet. LOL

Also I’m putting the new compass to good use. Continuously heading South hoping to circumnavigate the planet. So far it is keeping all the borked Circle-?s behind me.

Something to do while I wait for the time-space ripples to settle down after the Cosmic Inversion. This planet is toxic and there is a sickening vignette that bugs my eyes and gives me a headache. So when my base quests are done I’m outta here! :grimacing:


…and some more before I return to the simulation.

Mystery Special:


A new hope


Had this as my wallpaper on my phone from the pathfinder-update


Interesting, I was using it (heading south also) to avoid running in circles. While I did so, a thought occurred to me. Are North and south “general” direction markers or are they actually pointing toward poles? If it were a pole, following the marker would eventually fail when you reached it and you would end up walking in a circle trying to follow it. I never found it so I’m not sure.


Before starting NMS this was just a plain old landscape painting that I wasn’t happy with. I could see the lines of movement were all pointing to one spot, but couldn’t think of anything that needed to go there. @Malveka suggested (as he often does) that it needed a spaceship. Excellent idea, Mal! (Getting that planet/moon in behind the clouds was interesting, but with acrylics not impossible.) 8"x10" Acrylic on canvas

EDIT: Uploaded a better (less dull) photo of it.