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Let’s try having like/link/report and other “buttons” in yellow/orange coloring. Dark versions of those colors.


@oldgods @Anashel
Now when I try to go to this forum on my Playstation 4 it says “The PS4 does not have the CA root certificate provided by the server” and if I try to load it anyway, it is still a blank white screen.


You do all those streams and upload everything with a play? I get you use a keyboard of sorts… But don’t you get the same issue when doing other browsing through that… thing?


I’m actually amazed with how much MacForADay gets done using the ps4 browser, guy is a legend!


The PS4 is a pretty impressive bit of equipment considering. Certainly has come a long way from the first PS. No you can’t beat a custom PC for big stuff but the PS4 is properly capeable within reason.
NMS plays beautifully on PS4 & with a decent screen, the graphics are excellent.
Full respect to @MacForADay for his efforts & actually demonstrating how a PS4 can really be used.


I love this theme


Hi @DevilinPixy :man_technologist:t4::woman_technologist:t4:

…and also using Chrome.

Appeared to be a clickable internal link “redirect issue” from ETARC to Atlas CSD between threads.
A few days later I’ve tryed it again, also in IE…

However… @OldGods @Anashel @Discourse :man_technologist:t4::woman_technologist:t4::man_technologist:t2::woman_technologist:t3: …fixed it. :clap:t3:

Or perhaps the percolating “flavours” of the “bubbly infinite” are alas wearing off.
Crim’s vision of Atlas in the :grapes: grape vineyard. :wine_glass::champagne: “One sip. That’s all it takes.”


There is only but one…

…hats are off. :tophat::gloves:


ooohh come back from hols to find purple everywhere… love it <3


Questions of Love?

Me, too. It’s really different.

:crown: i :candle: n :star_struck: s :heart_eyes: p :heart_eyes_cat: i :sunflower: r :fox_face: a :bird: t :tiger: i :crab: o :beetle: n :maple_leaf: . . . :rocket: . . . :wine_glass: n :strawberry: m :cherries: s :candy:

PROBLEM… "Liked a post? …or not?" :question:

One can get used to the subtle color differences, but it’s certainly harder and less rewarding.


Could up contrast by simply brightening, there’s always invert and the logo does say…

Maths formula… :rainbow: = :bomb: + :battery: x :zap: ( :heart: :wedding: :yellow_heart: = :orange_heart: ) :hot_pepper: x :fire: + :boom: = :volcano: …ProcGen animated.

You know. Something simple. Like that. lol.

Quoting @Emily :dancer:t3: loop16 AI… “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

:diamonds: = :tent::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise::city_sunrise::milky_way: NMS

@OldGods @Anashel:drooling_face: :pray: …just a thought.


Questions of Love?—Part 2

Please participate in both polls.

Select your “absolute” favorite like button…

  • 1 : Original
  • 2 : Red
  • 3 : Orange Red
  • 4 : Orange
  • 5 : Gold
  • 6 : Yellow
  • 7 : Yellow w/ Red
  • 8 : Original w/ Dark Red
  • 9 : Dark Red
  • 10 : Rainbow
  • 11: Lighter Original
  • 12: Other

0 voters

Now choose “more than one” of your favorites…

  • 1 : Original
  • 2 : Red
  • 3 : Orange Red
  • 4 : Orange
  • 5 : Gold
  • 6 : Yellow
  • 7 : Yellow w/ Red
  • 8 : Original w/ Dark Red
  • 9 : Dark Red
  • 10 : Rainbow
  • 11: Lighter Original
  • 12: Other

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Not sure if 7, 8 and 10 are even possible with Discourse… But included nonetheless.
And couldn’t say wheather these can even possibly be animated .gif/css3/javascript.

Purpose of polls is simply to aid dev. :nerd_face: But they may stick with original regardless though.

If you choose “Other” in either poll, feel free to elaborate below… Ideas; No right or wrong…

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

Love this, haha!


@oldgods The title apparently still says ETARC Community?



Poll #1 - Orange Red, won

Poll #2 - Original w/ Dark Red, won

They closed the polls and got our message. Even still, “Original” is very discreet though.


Quickly after I posted this, they reopened the polls. So I can only interpret subtleties here. Perhaps this means they want to stick with original, while putting poll closing on me. No prob! lol :wink:

14 days after posting this, I’ve closed the polls. They were open for 22 days.


@OldGods @Anashel

  1. Rest your mouse over this page’s browser tab.

  2. It reads: “Forums new design - Technical Support - ETARC Community”

  3. Suggestion: “Forums new design - Technical Support - Atlas CSD Community”



They would have to go through the ‘header’ to correct info to match the change:

<title>Forums new design - Technical Support - ETARC Community</title>
<meta name="description" content="Edison Township Amateur Radio Club">
<link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" href="" title="ETARC Community Search">
<meta property="og:site_name" content="ETARC Community">
<meta property="og:title" content="ETARC Community">
<meta name="twitter:title" content="ETARC Community">
<meta property="og:description" content="Edison Township Amateur Radio Club">
<meta name="twitter:description" content="Edison Township Amateur Radio Club">

There may be some ‘alt’ changes required as well, like this one in the ‘body’:

<a href="/" data-auto-route="true"><img src="" alt="ETARC Community" id="site-logo" class="logo-big"></a>

Should not be too much work going through the sources with a search query :wink:


@Anashel @oldgods Playstation 4 version 5.00 fixed it so I can visit the forums again! I’m back! Oh happy day!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know, @MacForADay .


Glad to hear it MAC :smiley: I just got my 16th glyph so I can finally visit travellers, trying to find posts with up to date and current addresses for everyone so I can do me rounds and pay my respects to the old school ETARCians. If its not too much trouble could you link me to post with your address? Save me a bit of paperwork when I get in from work later :stuck_out_tongue:


My address and that of many of my Spacing Guild members is on our website:
Go to Members and check our Member Bios. Mine is the top one, Merimacdwarf-orc.

Also check out our Centres of Excellence. They are bases very close to their portals and have exceptional farms to get resources.

One more thing, go to Portal Visits to see my guide on The Spacing Guild’s official glyph name system, or you might be confused reading our addresses.