No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


More cool looking skies.

Not sure what was so interesting about this guy, but I snapped a shot anyway.


Wow this planet is beautiful


The Deringer of the NMS universe :slight_smile:


Unicorn! Sort of…

Small innocent-looking stalker!

Its prey…

This one has a humanoid face…

Dunno why, but that last one reminds me of Nixon. >.>



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My new home. The golden foothills of Bifrost.

Some of the local fauna.

I found a planet that is both desert and ocean. Deserted island?

And the funny creature on it :rofl:

Edit: I forgot the cave! There’s a huge cave system, biggest I’ve ever seen, right behind my base. The whole area is enclosed (even where I’m standing).


Beautiful flora here…


“Hot Ice”

The smallest creature I’ve ever seen (can you see it?).

What?! When did that happen?

(do we still need spoiler alerts?)


I may be a little late in replying to this, but each ship has a unique set of skills. Fighter, Shuttle, Hauler, and Explorer. Each have a designated amount of distance it can travel. The Explorer ships are best used for long distance warps. S Class being the most superior, of course.

Also, the biggest note here is that Hello Games included more variety in ships in one of the recent updates, so it’s possible you were on the lucky side of that draw. :wink:

In Creative you can build anything without having the material for it. But you must have acquired the blueprint in order to build it freely. So finding more hyperdrive tech will increase the distance you can travel in your ship.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


You can most definitely meet up with other players on PS4 over your network.

I think the easiest thing would be to jump into Creative mode and activate a portal, and put in an address from someone here in the community. The old Galactic Hub is always a nice start.


That’s from the 1st post above. Screenshots and spoilers are very related.

So spoiler tags are optional here, but just go with what feels comfortable.


Thank you that is very interesting…yes getting two S class ships one after the other seems to be an enormous bit of luck…
I am trying my best with blueprints…just keep getting gun killing stuff at the mo… and I dont want that…I want extra frost protection and space travel…
pity we can’t do a swap a blueprint in the game!


Wow. Yeah, I’m not completely against that idea! lol.

I’m sure there are some tips out there to find more specific kinds of blueprints. You can use Nanite Clusters to buy blueprints from Space Station traders.

And I think if you complete some of the missions from Space Stations they offer up blueprints as rewards. I haven’t done too many of those, honestly. Some of them can be fun and really chill. Like a simple cargo shipment. Move this to there. Boom. Done.

Really enjoy your videos, btw. :slight_smile:


Posted on my twitter these pics
Friend or foe

Happy Hopping

Snow Bunny


Thanks about the vids… i have been to space stations to get blueprints but keep getting the same old ones! … i have warped 30 times now… so have been doing a lot of planet exploring… i used to be very active in arty ways but I have chronic fatigue… this nms keeps my brain sharp… I have heard that some hospitals are getting patients to play com games when they have long bed rest…interesting I think.


That doesn’t surprise me! An active brain never goes to waste. It’s a game unlike any other.


The green desert.


Weather effects are getting serious. I almost couldn’t fly. Without crashing anyways. Sandstorm :notes:

He has no face…just a beak…:confused:

OH GOD I’M BLIND!!! No but seriously, that’s a lot of gravitinos.


Deserts are often full of life… anywhere that the soil is poor means that no one species can get a dominant position… that is the case on planet earth anyway.
Beautiful photos love them.