Say Thank You!

Thank you. Thank you all so much!!!


This has been the most exciting summer of my life! Thank you Hello Games! Thank you Alice and Smith! Thank you everyone on ETARC!


I’ve been following the ARG since it first officially connected to NMS. Initially just reading about new developments on Reddit, but then increasingly following events-in-progress by lurking on ETARC & Game-Detectives. I eventually signed up on the Waking Titan list around the end of Phase 1, but still mostly kept to myself through Phase 2.

With these crazy last few days, I finally thought I could actually contribute something, and came out of lurking here on ETARC. So I’ve only been active here a very short, but also very exciting, time. This always seemed like a very nice community to me. I’m happy to be a part of it, and to see it’s going to continue on.

Thanks to everyone for everything! :crazy_face:


I just joined this amazing community today but I’ve been following WT since the beginning and following everything that’s happened on ETARC! HG have done an amazing job with this ARG and a spectacular job at creating NMS. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and I will be for days to come! GREAT JOB HG and THANK YOU for giving us NMS!


I don’t know what to say really, I’m having feels here guys! You wonderful people, all of you. My fellow Citizen Scientists, those who woke the titan (sweet Emily), those who created our dear Sim NMS, and those of you who brought us all together with your mad mad puzzles - thank you.

I have been wondering the wondrous abyss of stars alone. I didn’t think much of it, I was following my own path. I had no interest in strange red orbs, or short cuts to the center, I am an explorer. The thrill of seeing things that quite literally no man has ever seen before has not worn off since day one.

But there is a mystery in that abyss damn it. And now I have to know.

We have been made a part of this now, in ways I could never have imagined. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but there is one thing I know for certain- without waking titan, we never would have met, and what a terrible loss that would have been.

Cheers fellow travelers. Onward!

PS: Keep an eye out for that “K” symbol…


Thank you Hello Games and Alice and Smith for creating this fun a thrilling ARG. It was my first ARG ever and I never even heard about ARG’s before this one. I think that you have set a high standard for future ARG’s.

So thank you HG, thank you A&S and thank you ETARC community for this fun experience!


I followed the ARG pretty closely and tried to get involved a little bit but it was obvious that I was hampered by my lack of brain power.

What the ARG highlighted to me though is how incredibly intelligent & creative some people are; Sean Murray and his developers who have crafted an incredible game with limitless potential, the team who developed the ARG and it’s many strands & more importantly the members of the community who managed to solve the puzzles with such impunity - many of which admittedly sailed right over my head.

Good luck and thank you for the experience.


What an amazing experience. Mainly as an observer as I just didn’t have enough time to keep in the loop and active at the same time. Nevertheless it has been a thoroughly engaging and engrossing journey. Those of you that have been the most active, devoting a lot of your free time to completing and postulating theories and puzzles, combined with trying to keep the rest of us in the loop, I salute you. You’ve all been truly amazing and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Most of all, a serious hats off and thank you to SM, all the guys at HG and Alice & Smith for producing such a detailed and amazing experience. Bravo. I had no doubt before that NMS was a passion to them, and now it is set in stone. Thank you.

‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known’

I’ll see you all out there. Stay safe and happy travels Interlopers.


This experience was great, I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekends for the last few months doing this. Everybody should be proud of the work they put in, and I look forward to what comes next.


I kind of neglected the forums in the last month but thank you all for playing, I hope the bots (Watching Titan) were helpful and I hope to see you around if something fun like this (not only with NMS) happens again!


I Never regreat to pre-order the NMS game (my first time i pre-order a game) and had something like 200 hours playing before the first update. Thank you HG for it, it’s really a great experience.
Thank you A&S for this surprising ARG. I had not the time to be fully involved before middle of july but it was (and is) very exciting to try to find answers about what is going on.

And of course thank to ETARC community. It’s clearly not a long time i’m in but i feel like in my base on my home planet here. Comfortable, peacefull and nothing negative around.


I loved NMS since launch and don’t regret the hours I’ve spent scooting around. I didn’t properly come back to it until after the Pathfinder update as it added so much more to the loop, plus buggies, who doesn’t like buggies? The universe and lore are fascinating, and being a tiny part of this ARG was like icing on a cake, I love puzzles, interactive theatre and such, and this was the perfect combination.

So thanks HG, A+S, ETARC etc. See you in the next Mercury process :slight_smile:

Oh and here is are two pieces of music that definitely weren’t inspired by NMS/space/etc to compose… definitely not… :wink:
When Your Heart is Lost to Stars
The Wild Open


I have played sense launch day and still play every week or so for a few hours and to this day I have not been disappointed with it at all not even when all my friends talked down and hated it I still played trying for that next atlas passes or warp reactor every step was an adventure and a journey with loss and gain and I would never change that for the world keep doing what you all do at Hello games Great job guys and to all in the csd for all the hard work threw all the phases it has been an honor to serve with all of you and here is to the future still more glyphs and maybe some back lash from JJ
edit and thank you A&s for the amazing ARG made my summer


I’ve expressed my gratitude in other threads as well, but just to reiterate, I’m immensely grateful to both Hello Games and A&S for this Waking Titan ARG. It’s my first ARG and I’m so happy that I stumbled across it back in early June.

Waking Titan was extremely well-done IMO. I’ve been playing NMS since the midnight release launch and haven’t regretted anything. Thank you for bringing the community of NMS enthusiasts together with this amazing ARG!


I’m not the most talkative guy… but
From my deepest inner sincerity: Thanks to all !
NMS is for me the best chilling game that I love to play or watch others to play.


I almost never talk here (sorry for lurking :p), but this has been great regardless. It’s the first ARG that I really went deep on, and it was a very fun and unique experience. So thanks to everyone that was a part of it in any way, shape or form!

And I have no skills, so here is a screenshot with a very important message to remember.


Nice planet!


Technically it’s a little bit premature, but here goes anyway. (In no particular order.)

Thank you HG for making an epic game. Though I did in part buy it because I wanted to see how well the technology (procedural generation) would work, I have come to enjoy the game a lot. There is always something new around the next corner, and that is one of the great aspects of it. Also thank you for continuing to support and improve this game.

Thank you A&S for making an epic ARG while building a great community at the same time. At times I was wondering if there were not too many red herrings in there, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder how many of those were actually legit clues that we just couldn’t follow. I hope to see more of your creations for NMS in the future.

Thank you Emily, for being an epic AI. ^^

And finally, thank you to all you folks out here on the ETARC forum for being an epic bunch of people.


A&S and HG,

Thanks for everything, still so stoked to have played a physical part in WT it was/is/will be awesome (I’m sure Emily has the answer)



HG, A&S, my fellow intrepid citizen scientists and interlopers, and Emily - I love you all and thank you for the experience! <3

I’ve been a shy, shy participant from the moment news about the tapes started spreading, lurking more often than speaking up, but quietly contributing where I could. (I’m sure I’m not the only one doing this, so to all you other lurker participants, I love you too!)

It’s been quite the journey seeing the community go from fragmented, cautious pockets of NMS fans, ARG enthusiasts, and people caught unawares… to an immense crowd collectively spamming F5, compulsively checking emails, furiously scouring every bit of information released for the next clue to progress all this. Seeing it come together in the stream today was amazing!

I’m sad to see it go, for now… But thanks for the incredible journey, and I hope to see us all come together again in the future. Until then, happy intergalactic travels <3