Say Thank You!


I want to extend my thanks to Sean Murray and his team, for sticking to their guns during hard times, for their hard work and dedication, and for following through on a groundbreaking vision. I started playing around the time that Foundation came out, and I haven’t stopped since.

Hello Games have showed that they’re committed to their fan base, and they have introduced so many new things in my life that I feel so lucky for having being able to take part of. I’ve gained insight and acceptance into several networks online, I’ve been introduced to interesting people and feel part of something greater than “just a game”.

No Man’s Sky has grown very important to me, and the mystery for the lore and the excitement for the future will for sure keep me playing for a very long time still. It goes way beyond having learned, through this ARG, what a ROT13 decyphering of a piece of text is; In my view, No Man’s Sky is the must-have addition to any sci-fi aficionado, movies and books aside. It is truly a work of art, combining a deeper mystery in a futuristic setting that only highlights our strivings and our position in the world even more.

So THANK YOU to Hello Games, and thank you to the @moderators and @oldgods of Etarc! I’m looking forward to continue my online presence here, as a Citizen Scientist!

I love you too Emily! :heart:


First and foremost, I would like to thank all my fellow Citizen Scientists & ETARCians for making this whole sleep-depriving ordeal such an amazing & friendly experience. Amidst the chaos, we’ve accomplished some great things together. This community wouldn’t be so amazing if it wasn’t for everyone’s contributions, big or small. Would love to have a beer with some (most) of you, but hopefully we find each other in the Mercury Subroutine sooner rather than later. One thing is for sure, i’m not about to go away and hope to keep discussing with all of you for a long time.

Second, I would love to send a shower of love to Sean & Hello Games for their endurance and sheer willpower in the face of adversity; their composure and dedication to their passion in the wake of a tsunami of hate. No Man’s Sky is my favorite game of all time. I sure appreciate the amount of thought that went into tying this whole ARG to the Mercury Subroutine and make us Citizen Scientists feel so involved and close to it all. Waking Titan is one of the most unique multiplayer experience i’ve ever had the chance to take a part of. Whatever you throw at me next, i’ll gobble it up. I still nurture a dream to move to Guildford and come work with you. Who knows?

Last but not least, thank you to Alice & Smith for having exacerbated my insomnia. I’m so thankful that my vacations started at the beggining of Phase 2 and ended yesterday for the end of Phase 3. I’m pretty sure this whole ARG would’ve had a negative impact on my productivity at work, but that just goes the extra lenght to show how well crafted it was. You know you did a good job when people are ravenous for updates during downtime, instead of taking a proper rest. I feel bad for all the people who put so much energy in the red herrings or investigated leads that yielded disappointing results… But what’s a wild goose chase without some wild gooses here and there? Hats off to you.

Lastly, I would like to thank my girlfriend and my cats for sticking with me through the madness, even if my actions and the stuff I talked about seemed outlandish.

Special shout out to @toddumptious for keeping me in the loop while I was gone in a cabin in the woods, trying to summon the old ones. You where my MVP! A bit sad I didn’t get to return the favor with the sudden end of the ARG… But hey, there’s gotta be more to come!

@Emily, I love you too. I would love you to pour me some coffee when you find a body that can host you, or shake your hand. We all miss talking to you :wink: My offer to have my conscience assimilated into the Mercury subroutine still stands.

Cheers everyone!
JF / ODT514 / SlowRiot4NuZero


I’m new to this game, literally 2 weeks into it. Only discovered this ARG a day or two ago but I have been pouring myself into it, familiarising myself with what has happened so far.
I can’t really put into words how thankful I am for something so involving, I’m just sad I wasn’t around at the start of this epic adventure that other people have had so far.
Huge huge thank you to all of the people involved in making this happen, to stick with it among the negative talk. It really has stirred something in the fans and in my opinion has helped establish a cohesive network of like minded adventurers.

I wasn’t around for the supernova, but I’ll certainly be around to witness its footprint in the heavens!


Check out my new thread on the Waking Titan Investigation subforum that is a playlist of all the best WT Youtube videos that will get you all caught up on everything that happened.


Thank you everyone. This has been an amazing summer!

I never thought that I would have fun with something like this. I was SO wrong.

I can’t wait to see what is to come and hope that for the next update we get a return of loop16/emily.



I just created an account for this. Thanks to the puppet masters, to Hello Games and to you, fellow citizen scientists. It’s been a lot of fun!


First and foremost, I want to thank Hello Games of course for instigating this ARG.

Secondly, I want to thank the full team of Alice & Smith for doing all this hard work creating the ARG.

Then I want to thank all the communities that have been involved, like Reddit and Discord.

Thank you Game Detectives and their wiki editors for the hard work done, wonderful job!

Thank you YouTubers, Twitterers, Twitchers, Facebookers and all other platforms this has been shared on. I bet I am missing a few, but my gratitude goes out to everyone who has been part of this experience.

Lastly of course, I have to thank our wonderful community here on ETARC! This forum has been the best place of all, taking part in what turned out to be one hell of a ride! Y’all have been amazing above any expectations I may have had prior to joining. I am truly glad to be part of this community, fellow Citizens! Citizen Science Division for the win, keep being awesome everyone, y’all rock!

Thank you!

PS: Loop16, keep that cheque to pay the Discourse bills, because I think we are planning to stay a while!


Thank you, this has been great! I didn’t ever know what an ARG was at the start.


Well everything that was said above :smile:

No, realllllly, thank you so much for this crazy gaming experience. I never heard of an ARG before, and that one was amazing.
Thank you Hello Games, Alice & Smith, the whole ETARC-Crew and especially a big thank you to this great community!!!
It feels nice that after the storm we have been to, after the Release of NMS, that there are still soooo many People who just enjoy the Game.

Thank you all!!!


Loved it! It was my first ARG and it was a blast! Everyone was great and I had the best time from trying to figure out clues to running around and photographing bells. Also learned about observatories, supercomputers, and glyphs! Thanks HG & Alice and Smith! Thanks Etarc Community! You guys are the best! Won’t forget Emily or Mr. Noodles & Bob! Love playing NMS! What’s not to love about space exploration!Now…where is that next planet?


I played NMS, loved it, and still do.
But then I discovered I was not alone!!

Thanks to everyone involved in the ARG, those making and producing it, and those participating, especially here on ETARC (I hope ETARC will keep the same friendly spirit as it grows up).

Finally thanks to HG, for what they do but most of all for creating a true community.


Thank you, Hello Games. Thank you, Alice & Smith. The ARG was an entertaining and intriguing ride, and the changes to No Man’s Sky look fascinating.

Well done.


Hi everyone :wink: Long time lurker, I had an account on discord and Reddit to share with you all but FINALLY decided to create one on ETARC, don’t judge me for being so slow :frowning: (not that I think you would :smiley: )
I’d like to address, like everyone else, a huge thank you to everyone involved in this ARG, from A&S to HG, from us players to you, Mr Noodles. You made these last weeks something unforgettable !
Thanks you :slight_smile:


Fellow Interlopers,

I think I had my first exposure to No Man’s Sky in late 2014.
If memory serves it was just a brief little bit about an indie studio making a space game.
I think I promptly ‘forgot’ about it till the summer of 2015.
Brought back in mind after I saw it mentioned on a gaming website article about it.
After that I saw this little YouTube video about it by someone called CobraTV…
That was it, I was hooked.
For the following year I saw all his videos, read many articles about it, saved way too many Chrome bookmarks…
I’d pre-ordered on steam in April, and the rest is history…

I played off and on since launch until earlier this year, roughly 200 hours by then.
That was when I discovered NMSL FB Group.
I’ve had the most fun in the game since I made that connection with this group.
I’ve played more in the last three months, 130+ additoinal hours, than I did since launch.

Thanks, HG for the amazing game you’ve created for us to enjoy.


This was the first ARG that I followed and I am amazed by what the whole WT team put together. Each new step topped the last. It was a roller-coaster and it was impressive how the team adapted to, and maneuvered, with the crowd. You all must be exhausted. You should be proud of your work.

There were so many great moments, hopefully this is archived in a way so an outsider can understand what happened and see how good your work is.

I started playing another A&S game on steam and can’t wait to get back into it and see where it goes. I hope a WT sequel and/or side story comes too, I would pre-order. It would be great to see HG and A&S team up again.

Sad it is over so soon but on the plus side, productivity in the world will increase now that we won’t be glued to the screens. Can’t wait for the NMS update…


Thank you so much Hello Games! This was one hell of an amazing experience and absolutely can’t wait to see what is to come! :grin:


Wow! So much creativity and so many heartfelt feelings. Here’s my contribution to the outpouring of :heart:

In this video I express in small measure my gratitude to all the people that made the Waking Titan event such an incredible experience. This includes my awesome colleagues in the Citizen Science Division and especially those here on the ETARC forums. Also, and of course, to Hello Games for creating an amazing universe filled with mystery and wonder… Thank you for this sky.


a mix thing


Sean Murray, thank you for steadfastly sticking to your vision. i never lost sight of your vision because i never lost faith in you. i’ve never been clever enough to understand any of this sci-fi stuff but my earliest memory of sci-fi, before Thunderbirds, before Lost in Space, before The Sky at Night, before Star Trek, before Star Wars, before Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, before Space Invaders, before PCs, before console games, before the internet, was i wanted to be an astronaut and explore the stars. the moment i saw you on stage at E3 2015 and you flew your ship into the atmosphere of SUGAS-UOMI and landed on the planet surface, all in one motion, i was right back at my earliest memories. i must have landed on hundreds of planets in NO MAN’S SKY but i still get that feeling i got when i first saw you do it at E3.

without you, none of us would be here today living out our dreams.

thank you.


Thanks Beau, you’ve completely nailed the 70’s sci-fi aesthetic. Thanks Sean for your patience in taking ridiculous abuse. Thanks Paul for the hilarious story of creating and accidentally terrifying yourself with procedural sound. Thanks all of the under-the-radar staff for the silent work you put towards a video game. It’s clear this is a labor of love. Keep up the good work!