Say Thank You!


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I decided to to say thank you with a little cipher text :stuck_out_tongue:


Easy one


n is the key here

Thank you Emily
The great adventure of Nor Mans Sky starts now
Atlas is real


I will jump right to it. Thank you! This has been an extraordinary experience. The work of art that the team created has sparked a child like wonder to the universe for millions. I’ve been playing games for a long time, No Man’s Sky has hands down been my favorite game, it’s everything I have ever wanted to play, the freedom to explore the cosmos in a bad a** ship is all I ever wanted. It will forever stand on its own. The layer of sci-fi storytelling makes the experience extremely special and unique. The team should be proud of all its achievements, but most of all for the community No Man’s Sky has helped cultivate. It has been an absolute privilege to take part in an amazing ARG experience. I look forward to the future of this incredible peace of art, and hope to grow along side it. THANK YOU!!!


Although I already said my thanks earlier and have posted this music track I created in a separate topic, it does reflect how much I enjoyed participating throughout the ARG and feels like a resulting Thank You gift from me to everyone. So I will leave a link to the topic here, instead of posting the track again:

Thank you all, once again :two_hearts::hamster:


Hello HG, there aren’t a great many games that hold my interest for very long. I typically stop playing a game after 3-4 weeks of playing. I may have been late on the bandwagon for NMS and Waking Titan, but I’ve never had as much fun playing both as I had anywhere else. The experience was absolutely incredible and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for the future after Atlas Rises. I’ve been so enveloped in NMS since I got it the month before the Foundation update that I’ve begun to annoy my coworkers about it haha. Y’all are awesome and I’m so glad y’all do what you do.


Same here @Skaunders! I’d say your words here echo #theAGT community!


Dear Hello Games and A&S,

For all of your hard work, dedication and good humour this past year, thankyou so much.

All year how I’ve constantly supported you when others said you lied, cheated and ran off with the money. Thankyou for proving me right. I love your game, being a physics student it speaks to my sense of wonder about exploring space and the universe.

I’ve followed the ARG and loved every step along the way. Thankyou Alice and Smith for your brilliant work on all of these websites, actors performances (which were amazing, thankyou Emily), Radio Ads and dead drops, you did it all. And i appreciate it all.

THANKYOU!! And i can’t wait to see whats to come in the future!

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Thank you - from an ARG player not an NMS explorer :slight_smile:


Thank you to the ARG company for a wonderful community driven experience. It was my first ARG ever, and it felt like I was part of a like-minded community trying to explore the mysteries and puzzles of a game I had only recently started playing. You created something wonderful and it left me with some unforgettable memories.
Also, thank you to the wonderful community here, providing us with an ongoing plethora of great people and their wits and knowledge that were beyond my own. I certainly enjoyed interacting and learning new things from all of you!
Finally, a special Thank You to Sean and Hello Games, who I’ve followed through the years talking about this space experience you guys were creating. As a child who grew up day dreaming about space, the universe, and the wonders it had yet to shows us, l really enjoyed movies like Dune, E.T., Star Wars, and Star Trek that made us think about what is out there and what a future life out in space could be like. Your game let’s us become space explorers for a tiny chunk of our daily lives, and allows us to feel that wonder about space, just like when I was a child. I know there was some negativity towards your game at some point, but I’m glad you persevered and stuck to your gut feelings on creating the experience you truly wanted to show everyone. I’ve only recently started playing No Man’s Sky, but I can say it has become one of my favorite games to date. There are very few games that leave you with an impression, wondering about the experience you delved into and what it means and what might follow, and your game certainly does that! I’m excited about the upcoming update, as it looks like it will bring some great content, helping to create an even larger adventure into space. I hope you continue to create wonderful experiences. Truly, Thank You!


Thank you, Thanks, Thank you very much, much obliged, cheers, so thankful, many thanks, greatly appreciated!
I’m literally and figuratively out of words!


I don’t have enough Likes for everyone’s posts above. Just be assured that if I had a million of them, you should have one.

I do have a slightly different thank you to Sean and the marvelous team at “Mercury,” and Alice & Smith, whoever you are. This was all so incredible, from Sean making me anxious for three years for his dream game to be born. For another year of very mixed reviews and some seriously undeserved flaming from the gaming community. I felt nothing but joy that I was able to play The Sim at all, but I’m just one little guy. You didn’t throw in the towel, go back to Joe Danger 3 or whatever. You knew you could make your dream game a dream come true, and tens of thousands of us, probably more, believed you could too. You gave us probably one of the strangest, incrediblest, and most intriguing ways to celebrate The Sim, with Waking Titan. That was a gift to us that shows how much you care for your fans. Hopefully it doesn’t also mean that you’re something of a closet sadist, but I digress. :yum:

A&S, you are a quality bunch of folk, and I can’t say enough of how crazy ingenious and creative you are too. I’m not sure I could live through another ARG, so I’m going to stick with Waking Titan if that’s all right.

Sean, what you and the team have done with this update is transform The Sim into something like version 2.0. I can imagine how much we’ll asplode with joy over the updates to come. If they get preceded by more A&S ARGery, please keep in mind that I’m a frayed knot. :rofl:

There are some issues some of us are having with the updates, but that’s for another thread. Love you guys, love The Sim, take a vacation, recharge and keep making this game as special for us as it is to you. :hugs:


First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the community, my fellow Citizen Scientists ETARCians!
I have been most of the time very shy on the forum and not very talkative, but I followed The waking titan process very closely by participating on various clues… and most and foremost getting to know you guys made my summer.
What a great community we are in, we should all be proud about all the work and clues we went through as a team, I like to believe that the quality of our Relationship is pretty rare, and we should keep it that way.
As a result of all this, I will now totally immerge myself in the mercury process (a chance that I work from home hehe ) and I will now face the immensity of the universe, knowing that I am no longer alone and that we will continue to collaborate and share our knowledge here on ETARC or with our Discord Collègues @Bad_Television.
Also I like to extend my thanks and huge hats down to Hello Games Crew @oldgods For having given us reason to keep believing in the Mercury process in despite of the huge wave of hate they had to face.
Thanks to Alice&Smith Crew for creating the whole ARG!!
And finally I’d like to say that we love you too @Emily and we can’t wait for your hibernation and your dream to be completed, and hear again from you. It has been epic, thanks a whole lot.


I’m a bit late but I’d like to say thank you for continuing to work on this game. I’m not going to lie but when the game first came out and hello games whent quite I thought it was over but I’m glad I stuck with the game can’t wait to see what else is coming.


Thank you HG for the even more intense mercury hallucinations…I feel like this is my game, it resonates with me on so many levels, from the sci-fi classics, my interest in exploration [i.e. mountain man], and the fantastical meta-physical realms and hyper-reality I can immerse myself in.

2 of my favourite things - my music and my NMS


2017- My Creation, Tribute & Thanks!
[click to enlarge]


It’s delightful! Is the word cloud from text taken from the ETARC forums? What a cool idea.


Thank you :blush: It’s a combination. A majority of the words I pulled from the Atlas Rises Update, the rest from the forums. A total of 127 words.


I especially like the KZZKT, nice touch. :grin:

I must say that as much of an Oscar the Grouch I’ve been over the weekend, I can’t stay away from this game. I love it too much, and Team Mercury are really good about taking our complaints seriously. I’ve seen some nice fixes already. I know that some things will just be different - till the next update anyhow :yum: - but I appreciate the dedication and attention they pay to us, taking input on what is in their universe. I didn’t expect anything resembling multiplayer in this thing at all for a year or so.

We really are part of the No Man’s Sky story, and that is truly special.


I’d say thank-you if the game wasnt full of bugs. The ending is still extremely disappointing. I started a new save and finished the story in a few hours. I really regret starting over. I dont know how much more time I can spend on this game.


K, man, than thank you for defending this game I so much still like, up until the point you became disappointed in it; as the racing game with linear ending you so much wanted and didn’t get.