Say Thank You!


Thats my opinion, didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings…


I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating…
patience is absolutely essential :slight_smile: HG is releasing patches pretty damn fast for NMS players-- 1.32 released on 8/17 & 1.33 dropped, today 8/22…
They are listening. They’re workin’ hard. So-- I hope you hang in there because NMS is a badass experience, regardless.


Thank you for the Waking Titan ARG! After us NMS fans endured many months of hate, this ARG allowed us to come together as fans and have fun (a lot of fun!!!). Even though my participation was limited compared to the crazy amount of time some put into the ARG, I still did what I could. And who didn’t have a blast watching our NMS ARG group following a guy in a purple umbrella through New York City!

And thank you Sean and Hello Games for creating my favorite game of all-time!!! I was just talking with an old friend about the time (way back in Ultima Underworld days) we wished some would invent a game we called Bum Around at the time. Well, it might have taken a quarter century but someone finally created my Bum Around game on a grand scale. 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to bum around on!!!


Enjoy fellow Interlopers!


I had to stay home from work to type this. Okay, maybe not. :yum:

But I have to say that the luuv is back. Team Mercury have listened to our problems and grouches, and worked hard to remedy most of them. In some cases, overnight to make The Sim work as intended, and in a few cases to make it even better.

Like Wyo states, this has become my favorite game. And I say this as a HUGE fan of Fallout 4 and racing games like Gran Turismo and RaceRoom. The Sim doesn’t have quite as deep and involving a universe as post-apocalypse Boston - there are no cities, communities, or even villages to encounter groups of interesting people, and the plot is a lot thinner. But it’s really hard to peel myself away from it because the alternate universe is still so darn compelling. The evolving, growing Lore is wonderful, and I’m caught up in the trail of mystery set before me. The Guild missions are simple but welcome additions, and even serve to further the plot.

I still have wishes, but there’s a wishlist thread for that. This is one very happy Traveller, and I can hardly wait to jump back in to the Simulation. Thanks again to everyone at HG, and to Alice & Smith for a fascinating box of puzzles. And to what’s still to come. :smiley: Now, to complete those missions…


I was slowly loosing hope in No Mans Sky, but after the ARG, new and fresh life was blown into the game. Creating an ARG like this, to ensure community cooperation is magnificent, and I really enjoyed the journey we experienced. I want to thank everyone at HG an everyone involved with this ARG, community as well,. Thank you for taking me with you on this beautiful journey.

Here’s a little something I’ve put together

I plan on doing more of these, and I’ll make sure to post them all in here. You can download if you’d like, and use the piece however you like.

Yet again, thank you everyone for an amazing adventure! :slight_smile:


This is fantastic, @Detilium!! I will definitely be downloading this and adding it to my NMS/WT playlist. :grinning:
Can’t wait to hear :headphones: more!


I bought the game shortly after release. At first I thought “ok, nice exploration game” and got bored eventually because of the lack of goal.
Foundation came. I thought “ok, now we can built, nice”. Still no goal so I played a bit and exited.
Pathfinder came. I thought “ok, cool exocraft! Really helpfull!” I got interested a bit longer and then, no goal so I left again.
Atlas rises came. I thought “ok, let’s have a look…wait…this is…different…really different! What is happening?” (I am not even talking about the ARG, HG managed to get me into it)
Now, I got my base, exocraft, a ship and a real desire to explore the galaxy because now there is purpose, now there is a goal.
Did I mention the graphic overhaul? Beautiful. I found my first paradise planet and I spent time really being surprised by the lush of the grass.
This more of a contemplative game I think. And in the end, it is nice to reach the goal but the journey is the nicest part.

Congratulation Hello Games.


1:37 :+1::sunglasses::+1: Start of my favorite part.


So I’m not gonna lie before we got any updates on waking titan starting again I was almost ready to leave No Mans Sky in the dust. It wasn’t that I hated the game (Far from it) I was just starting to play so many other games that were taking up my time ( Horizon Zero Dawn , Injustice 2 ) so I noticed that I had hardly even touched my ps4 copy of the game in like two months.

I did play off and on for little while during the 30th to take part in the big event and that’s where I first ran into another player and to be honest not many games can bring you this moment of awe I felt as I saw the little orb getting closer and closer to me, it was almost like the entire year of just playing alone was a completely different game all together and I’m happy to say that’s one thing that made me pick the game back up and get invested again in what was going on.

I was never one to really care about things that were promised but not in the game. I just played the game as is and enjoyed what came in the updates (The biggest to me was base building) being the creative person I think I am you can already tell I had hours on that just alone.

That brings me to current day and while I’m still not playing as much I did the first few weeks after it debuted I still find myself putting it into my regular gaming sessions and I’m happy to say the game while not perfect is still something completely different from what you get from other companies who have more money and a bigger team.

Thank you Hello games for making No Mans Sky and for giving it its own personal feel and place in gaming history. Good or bad but for me the game will always capture my mind and embrace my fantasy for all things fiction. Whatever 1.5 brings I will go into it with an open mind and will be ready to explore whatever you bring us next. I’m not the best player by any means but I’m just glad to be apart of this community and I’m also glad to be able to support people who have true passion for this great game.

Good Luck and GodSpeed.

Also if anyone wants some cool music to listen to while playing NMS I have this cool band in mind who I think really captures the feel of this game so if you have the time and wanna explore something new music wise then listen to the band Starset there really amazing and to me there very under ratted.


Thank you for sharing Sith


Here is a simple Thank You to everyone at Hello Games.
73’s KF4LDP


Thank you so much :smiley:


LOOP 17?. Interesting.


I’m kind of a lurker here, but Hello Games employees are all badasses for continuing to support their game a year and a half later (and hopefully longer). Thank you!


I want to thank all of you at Hello Games. Without your vision of what exploration and infinite playability should look like, we would not be here, discussing, defining, discovering, or showering you with praise for that matter. I also want to thank those of you who have dedicated so much of your personal time to creating a community that encourages everyone to share and explore. (Especially one that is civil and respectful).

Exploring is in our nature.



Thank you Hello games! Im stuck with No Mans Sky in a good way. Im not interested in any other game.
And i dont see why you got so much hatred.

I love how you do it in your own way, people today just want, need, now… Take your time and good luck with everything in what the future will bring. Thanks again.

Been playing it since launch and being a contributor by adding my discoveries to the NMS Wiki.


#sayhello… and thank you for the retro sci-fi landscapes


Hi, @MacForADay
I love your idea for the #SayThankYou Campaign and fully support it. However, I’d prefer not to have any negative comments on this thread. :dizzy::rocket::heartpulse:


Edited my post to remove all negativity. Will this suffice?


No, not really, @MacForADay This thread is completely and 100% unrelated to whatever it is you’re attempting to achieve. I feel like there’s a more appropriate placement for your video and enthusiasm surrounding this trend. For example, the thread titled Videos/Streaming/Podcasts- NMS/WT