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Thanks for so much artistic inspiration and everything else fun about No Man’s Sky and Waking Titan, Hello Games!
Since I got this game my head has been in the clouds 105% every day with random ideas.
Thanks to everybody here for being such an epic community! :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2::fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:


Thank you for reviving this thread so I could read through it all again :slight_smile: just love the love that pores out of this community


In honor of :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Season One:
May 28th to August 7, 2017
Season Two:
Dec. 28th to currently ongoing :rocket:


I’ll second that.
And thanks to HG. A&S and the Atlas-ETARC community for an entertaining continuation of games and intrigues. I’m not very useful during Waking Titan but I certainly enjoy the ongoing comunity based conversations. :beers: for all.


For me, NMS was an instant purchase. I read one review before it was released and instantly pre-ordered it. I never quite got the hate it received as to me it had already exceeded expectations, but then again, I didn’t really immerse myself in the now infamous E3 footage.

This was the game I have waited years to play.

I’m the sort of gamer who enjoys freedom, I would fire up GTA San Andreas and just ‘go for a drive’, (yes that mostly included obeying traffic laws, but woe betide anyone who cut me up, went into the back of me etc…) but no matter how large the environment was, it never felt big enough.

In short, I hate walls and reaching the, ‘edge of the map’ and have always gravitated towards those large open-world games, (Assassins Creed etc) so when I learned of NMS and having the ability to stand upon a planet, look at a mountain and go there, then look up to the stars and see a moon, and then go there, I was sold instantly.

I have always been more than happy with the game, I cared not for multiplayer in a game where solitude and wandering is encouraged and if it wasn’t for having the opportunity to meet with people from this forum, I would still be as un-bothered now as I was then with it.

With the updates that have been released, it has only improved upon this, Exocraft made a great addition.

You talk to new NMS players about how you had to walk everywhere, you had no home, and just your one ship and they look at you like a child seeing a VHS cassette for the first time.

Base building and Freighter ownership all made things so much more accessible, but perhaps the best addition they made and was just subtly slid in there among the Patch notes; Photo Mode.

Seeing everyone’s pictures, some funny, some weird, some breathtaking, and seeing the experiences people are having makes me realise I’m not so alone in the universe after all.

This community here is also one of the best I have had the privilege to be a part of, even the Reddit sub is nowhere near as toxic as it used to be.

A&S have done an incredible job with the ARG, I’ve enjoyed it and been in awe of those that have solved it, following the live drops on Reddit/Discord have been some memorable experiences and the images teased have been just enough too.

So thanks to HG for sticking with the game and creating a truly immersive experience, it’s only when you look back, do you see how far we’ve all come.

This is surely the worlds first ever NMS screenshot…

And just to compare the graphical improvements too, before Photo Mode, a picture would only be taken when a Trophy was earned (PS4) Fortunately, I managed to capture the vanilla version of all three races.

I’ve not played a game constantly and with such enthusiasm for two years for a very long time. For me NMS is perfect.


Reaching Out & Giving Back: A few days ago I noticed that a Pateron campaign has been created for Game Detectives. They do such an amazing job keeping everyone up-to-date. Did you know that their Discord team is volunteer based? Here’s the link for more information & for anyone interested in supporting. :heartpulse:


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The Road We Have Traveled…

This journey began with my family, not far but sitting in a living room and playing with my best friend; my brother. I didn’t own a PS4 nor a PC but our excitement for this game put us in the same room at his house and we played to our heart’s content. Naming species that might not even be stumbled upon ever again by anyone and living a dream of wonder flying in a universe so expansive it was said to be impossible to ever reach the end was just the tip of the spear. To us, the game was a bond and we’ve had these events with games more times than I can count. On my own end, there were a few reasons I bought a PS4 in the first place. I wanted the exclusives and always held the Playstation at heart from the first Sypro I got to play, but I had two games that stood out even when one was just a distant dream. This was one of the very first reasons I bought my PS4 and came back more times than I would have as I normally am native to the Xbox One (I’m an achievement getter ) and I got to live my dream I’ve had since I was young.

When I was young, the “sky was the limit” as they say; but my imagination floated beyond limits and beyond a single dream. I had so many dreams for life and goals for where I might find my purpose and the largest of them all we’re not one but two. I wanted a family. As a child, this might have been a bit strange but as my approach to dreams and how this led me to my friends I found my friends were my family. I wanted to be a superhero and moreover, I wanted to try when it might seem impossible to save the world. In the games I played over the years with the family I grew to know and love, I got to feel this dream even if just part of a fictional world; games were a chance to live out dreams where impossible was not always the case.

I found later in my life, limits were possible to be broken but they were also a very real force. It took great lengths to break barriers as one small step might just turn into one giant leap. Impossible wasn’t always set in stone as the progress of time and determination to find answers and even accidentally stumbling upon the breaks to the barriers came time and time again in history and impossible wasn’t actually as solid as it seemed. It was years beyond our knowledge that we would look to the sky and try to imagine, to solve, or to just gaze at the beauty before us.

No Man’s Sky touched my heart at first because that impossible goal of seeing the universe beyond our single home planet was more than a dream. We had 18.4 quintillion reasons to seek out more than just our home and it sat at our fingertips and centered in a console that could be fitted inside a screen. We might not be able to set foot out in the giant expanse of space beyond that of our system but in this game, in the moment we wake from our crash landed ship on a foreign planet with (at first) just exploring as our drive… dreams became possibly. I wrote to HG on day 2 praising the game and throwing a gaggle of ideas for a game that put me in a place of my dreams wonder that still I would never see all of. Coming to the ARG before Atlas Rises (1.3) Hello Games and Alice&Smith set before a broken but hopeful community of wandering explorers and brought us together with common wonder to make us a band of Travellers who solved puzzles, spoke of our recorded travels, and our community of seemingly small misfit believers became a home for Travelers to revel in each other’s stories and common interest in the skys owned by no man. This phase of the ARG has been longer and a challenging journey where we worked once more, together to find clues to a glimpse of the next stage in our travels where it seems we have much more to experience and will not be alone.

I started on Reddit unspoken and a bystander who wrote nothing by lingered in the sidelines and the ARG and the common place that brought us all together helped me personally to come out of my shell so to speak. I started to wonder even more on the lore and even wrote a wild story of the Space Odyssey and Dune tying all of this to No Man’s Sky as the foundation for the Traveller we awoke as. I tried to find the anwer to the portals and perhaps found a bit more. When I came here it began as a curiosity in the ARG and found again, much more.

Today I’m saying thanks a bit ahead of the possible end of the phase this time around brought. This is called the CSD of Atlas but it began as ETARC for me and many others. No matter the name nor the time from the ARG that brought us all a bit closer; to Hello Games, to Alice&Smith, to Emily, and all the dreamers we are who seem to be saving dreamers trapped in a place only we dreamers can save them from… Thank you. You are all brilliant and fondly found travelers who I hope to see in the sky none of us own but all of us explore and hold dear. I’m a sentimental sap, but it’s been a great sentimental sappy road we have strode. See ya in the sky’s!
Thank you
-Leonhart7676 aka Followingthesource


Lol was that Roswell? If so, very fitting, love it.


Dear Leaders,

Will you please delete the above post? I think @Scifiguy1138 mistakely shared the wrong video. Thanks so much!! :two_hearts:


@Scifiguy1138: When making a mistake, you can either edit or delete the reply (within I believe a 24 hr time limit). The video posted above does not quite fit this topic.

I have edited your reply to not embed the video or actually directly link to it. Additionally I have flagged it for removal, in case you do not manage to edit or remove it yourself.


I don’t know what we did to deserve your steadfast dedication, you wonderful, amazing people of Hello Games.
You had a vision for what could be, and undaunted by a mob of short-sighted detractors, your persevered and delivered above and beyond our wildest dreams of what was possible.


I hope you know that we always had your back. We never doubted that your enthusiasm was genuine, and that your vision would come together in time. I know they say ‘good things come to those who wait’, but what you have created with NEXT is far far beyond good. I am in awe of your creation.

I am once again filled with wonder.
I am once again joyfully lost in a mysterious universe that beckons me to explore.
And I am so very grateful.
Thank you.


Well said!


Wish to add a thank you thank you for sea washes beaches seeing the waters edge lap onto the sand calms me down.


Now I know it’s kinda late (although that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone) but I wanted to share my thanks to Alice and Smith+Hello Games.

Dear Hello Games,
Thank you guys for introducing one of the coolest games I’ve ever played in my entire life. Space exploration has always been my favorite concept, whether it’s from video games, to movies, to books, anything. So when this game comes out with that exact thing, in an almost infinite universe, I was stoked. When it came out, most people were disappointed or angry, but there was me hyped to extreme, having the best time of my entire life. A lot of people called it a “dead game”, and my friends trash talked it every day (and still do annoyingly) but the game was anything but dead to me. I played a TON of it. Too much actually. I played so much, that I started to burnout. After that, I almost didn’t touch it until Atlas Rises. But once that update released, the exact same thing happened. Extreme excitement, crap ton of playing, then burnout. However, a few months later, I picked it up again and thought, “Hey, what if I restarted and streamed it?” And so I did. That decision to start streaming NMS was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to online stuff. With the help of the awesome community, my Twitch channel boomed. I met so many streamers, made friends, and eventually hit the affiliate goal. All because of No Man’s Sky. Thank you Hello Games

Dear Alice and Smith,
Thank you for introducing me to one of the best communities and forums pages I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m going to be honest, I spent more time filling the “Off Topic” section more then I actually helped with the ARG, so I can’t really say I was a participant in the whole thing. I’m not exactly the best when it comes to intense puzzling. Some say it’s because of my age, although I just say I’m lazy. But that aside, thank you for leading me to this forums page. I come from a “community” of Destiny glitchers, where drama and death threats are pretty normal (no joke, it’s really that bad). So every time I heard “community”, or “forums page” not so great thoughts came to mind. But then I joined here, and what I found surprised me in such a way. People here were actually nice . Nice people on the internet. My mind was blown. Here, people don’t care about how old I am, or how much I overuse commas and parentheses. That truly blew my mind. And I thank you for that. While I can’t truly speak for the ARG, I can certainly speak about the people you brought together.

With kind regards,
Ospredox (Or Sentient Falcon. Sorry I changed my name midway through the whole thing lol)

P.S. Tell Sean Murray that his face makes the greatest emotes