Poll: Why are you here?


Hello! I would like to take a simple poll to see why the majority of people on ETARC are participating in Waking Titan. This may provide us with some insight into the purpose of this ARG and whether or not that purpose is being successful.

Question: Why are you here on ETARC?

A. I am a No Man’s Sky player. I am only interested in Waking Titan because it is leading to an update to NMS. I don’t care who solves the puzzles as long as someone solves them so we can get the update.

B. I am an ARG player. I am only interested in Waking Titan so that I can solve puzzles and follow the narrative of the ARG. I don’t really care that WT is connected to No Man’s Sky.

C. I am a No Man’s Sky player, but participating in Waking Titan has gotten me interested in ARGs and I am enjoying trying to solve the puzzles.

D. I am an ARG player, but learning about No Man’s Sky while participating in Waking Titan has gotten me interested in the videogame, and I am now considering purchasing NMS or have recently purchased it.

E. Other (please explain)

  • A. I am a No Man’s Sky player only.
  • B. I am an ARG player only.
  • C. I started as a No Man’s Sky player but WT is making me interested in ARGs.
  • D. I started as an ARG player but WT is making me interested in No Man’s Sky.
  • E. Other

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I am a NMS fan, but I am enjoying the ARG. Still, I really want to hurry and get the update to the videogame, lol.


@MacForADay : Should this poll be a poll?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe!

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To add to @MrBacon, you can edit, click on the gear (“options”) and “Build a Poll”


E. I like NMS but also the concept of Alternative universe, multiverse etc


A little bit of C and E… I have been playing NMS since launch but have always been interested in all things…mysterious. Not to mention the extreme Sci-Fi futuristic feel of everything going on. The sense of discovery and camaraderie is massive in this forum.


Hopefully Mac is about to do that edit, but in the meantime, I’m a C with a bit of E: a writer at heart who enjoys a good mystery, especially when roleplaying and the fate of the universe is involved - not to mention a few cute babes. :wink:


I am a complete C. I enjoy playing No Man’s Sky since day one. I didn’t like all the haiting thing that HG had to deal with. Probably all this haters don’t know all the work that is behind that game, and probably Sony didn’t have to do a huge advert on the game to… Also, I am completely new player to ARG’s, and I really enjoy trying to solve the puzzles as far as my skills allows it haha!
All this investigation has got me REALLY thrilled! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, and finally I’d like to congrat every person that is in this community, you guys ROCK!

Your Citizen Scientific division friend.


e. Other

No Mans Sky player since launch, following since reveal, dreamt of since a child. Havent stopped playing since day one, first on ps4, recently on PC thanks to Steam summer sale :smiley:

I chose E because, waking titan didn’t get me into ARGs so C. didn;t really work for me. I’ve always watched ARGs keenly from a distance, the first and last ARG I participated in was ilovebees, it just so happens waking titan collides with one of my all time favourite things so I am well and truly hooked on ARGs again


Since enough people voted, you’ve unlocked a reveal of the reason I did this poll! (Yes, I’m rewarding you like the project-wt calibration)

DM21 Gaming did this video recently, and the votes from my poll support his assertion that Waking Titan is NOT bringing in new players for NMS, but it is a very good way for Hello Games to engage with their already existing community surrounding their game.


Meh, @MacForADay your poll does hold some value. Sure, I dig the DM21 video-- as it does hold some notable value as well. However, I’m not sure I agree 100%. I mean the proof is on the various social media platforms. And not only that, the Waking Titan ARG is actually bringing players back, the ones that bashed Hello Games to begin with are definitely doing a double take. This is interesting to ponder. Honestly though, if some players really feel this way and are claiming to support NMS via this ARG, then hmm. I’d ask people to reconsider their outlook. NMS is a beautiful game. Even if it is a promotional thing, HG did all of this work for the game and for the community. I feel like it’s time to stop bashing them and start truly supporting their efforts, and figure out ways to give back and help them to be successful through the coming years.


This was not in any way bashing Hello Games. I am, however, pointing out that there aren’t that many people who never played No Man’s Sky getting involved in this ARG. It seems to mainly just be people who already played NMS (whether they liked it or not) who are showing any interest in Waking Titan.

So from a marketing standpoint, it is failing to attract new players. From a communication with the fanbase standpoint, it is doing a great job.


Trouble is, it was so well publicised (for whatever reason) that huge numbers of people have already bought it. Most of those who bought it and refunded it wouldn’t buy it again. And most of those who might be tempted back to playing it, already own it.

Where are large numbers of new sales going to come from?


The real question to ask is: "What is the goal for this ARG?"
If it was to communicate with and reward loyal players of NMS, then it is succeeding. If it is to recruit new players, maybe not so much.


Alright. Slightly controversial, but here we go:

When No Man’s Sky was released, a lot of people complained they’d been sold the wrong game - it wasn’t what they expected.

But it’s just as logical to say that the wrong people bought the game. They weren’t the intended audience for this product.

So perhaps that’s what the ARG is. Introducing the game to the right audience.


I realize that a majority of the ‘fans’ of NMS here are mainly geared toward the PS4. As for my home, we are PC gamers mainly-- so think Steam. More so, since the Pathfinder update the ratings on Steam for NMS, have sky rocketed. :rocket:

I feel like this is mainly due to marketing. So, what can we do as fans-- as a community, to give back and show some support? We can support by word of mouth, we can gift NMS, we can share via our different social media outlets… Honestly, I feel like that is what HG is hoping for from this ARG. Hence, the overall goal. I’m pretty sure that HG have pretty much ‘proven themselves’ by now. This game reaches all ages, all cultures- it’s educational and inspirational in so many different areas: art, music, science, math… it’s different. That’s the bottom line.


I always thought the wrong audience bought into the game and didnt do much research beyond the eye candy.

I was only saying the other week that this ARG was the perfect way to reach NMS’s true target audience.

FGlad to see someone else say it :smiley:


Agreed, also side note _ I loved the game after I got it the month after it came out and still love it


Defo a C, not much help on here, my job hours and locations limit my internet access and so am always late to the party. Love the sense of comradeship here, and love all things to do with theoretical and practical astrophysics and sci-fi, so nms and this arg are heaven.