Illusion of participation broken


I give up. I, like many, was led here by the, yet unconfirmed, possibility of a connection to No Man’s Sky. I have been playing NMS since day one, and rather enjoy it. This ARG however… not so much. There is no participation. We wait , others provide answers. Which leads to… more waiting. More answers to be given. Mystery boxes sent to “elites” within the community. As thanks? Probably not, but it feels that way.

Someone states portals are important. Agreed. However, having spent the past 10 days searching in NMS for one, and not finding one, I think I can safely say they aren’t important until there is a 100% valid, and confirmed, method of discovery. And in game implementation. If luck or happenstance is the method for finding one, inactive, as is the case currently, then they can’t be very important at this time.

I will continue to play NMS and continue my search.

Those are my thoughts. This is my theory: if Waking Titan is connected to No Man’s Sky, it is either meant as a time killer, or as a distraction.

One last thing, for what it’s worth: atlas-65 web site. Right click, view page source. Line 22, Right click, open link in new tab. Line 11, . Line 13, . Or you can copy link and enjoy that little rabbit hole. Not sure it means anything, but you never know…

In-Game ARG Activity

Well, the thing is, participation is something you do.
If you’re sitting here waiting for someone to ask you to do your part, you’re gonna be sitting here a long time.

Now I agree that some of the puzzles are solved really (way too) fast, and it can be hard to give those a meaningful attempt. But that being said, there are still open ends waiting to be solved. So yea, you can sit here and wait for someone to solve them, or you can try to do it yourself. Both are valid options, and both are perfectly fine, but if you want to participate, then do it.


You could stay off the forums and discord, and try to figure out the puzzles yourself if you want. Kinda like not paying attention to social media if you haven’t watched that season finale on your DVR yet.

I found a portal one time, early in the game, by accident. Now that I’m actively searching, I’m pretty sure they don’t exist.


@beelzebubsquarepants Not sure if you’re saying that you can’t find an “active” portal or you can’t find the structure of a portal in general… but I’ve found several using this method

Either way, yes I agree it’s quite frustrating that you’re afk for a couple of hours and the whole the sequence has been solved. And not just that, but it’s basically impossible to check the forums at all without seeing spoilers (even though there are good attempts at blurring out the actual puzzle answer).


At the rate it is going, the last website (most likely will go live on July 8th. If the next NMS update happens within a few days of that, I will be fine with it. If not, and there is another 1 or 2 phases to the ARG before we get an update, I will be very unhappy.


I’m sure the portal thing is just hype for the update. My base is a short flight from a portal and they are as inactive now as they always have been. I’m sure once they become relevant in the game there will be a means to locate them.

Regarding the ARG I found it more fun to pick out a small piece that hasn’t been solved and just work on that.


I think maybe you got the wrong impression with the Portal phrase. I think thats just a hint at what this will lead to in NMS in regards to the update, if theres anything we’re supposed to find physically within NMS it will probably take the form of a MAC address like previously or at least be fairly obvious as compared to some ARGs this one isn’t all too cryptic which is kind of nice. Personally I’m a casual observer of ARGs (since the ilovebees days) so I’m happy to see everyone run around and solve it. Hope you get to feel like a participant soon :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry you feel like you’re just along for the ride-- I definitely feel the same way! Rather than getting caught up in it, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on improving our community so we can all better communicate with one another. You sound like you’re pretty familiar with a lot of No Man’s Sky stuff, would you consider maybe starting a thread or two in our Knowledge Center on important lore topics within the game? I still don’t really understand a lot of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! :smiley:


It is difficult, especially as an ARG becomes more popular and a wider base of people get involved. There is a very fine line between designing an ARG which is too easy for experienced ARG players and they solve each puzzle stage within minutes, and between one which is so complicated that casual ARG players believe is too complicated and thus they also feel that they can’t participate. I have sympathy with you as it is a situation we have all been in. If you take Perplex City for example, the ARG itself wasn’t too complicated however the puzzle cards were sometimes so difficult that they never got solved! (hello, One in a Million). Please bear in mind that being a puppet master for an ARG is a very dynamic role and the path is adjusted in difficulty / availability as the experience developed. Maybe there will be stages with piecemeal solutions distributed out to individuals and these parts have to be combined to get the final answer. Please persevere, speculate and give your ideas on any outstanding parts. There have been so many times where a newbie has noticed something that has escaped many experienced players. Everyone can contribute, it just may not feel like it at times. Believe me when I say that your participation will be appreciated, even if you don’t provide any ‘answers’.


And yes as Emily said, lore is important. I own NMS on PC but gave up with it a few weeks after launch (I think it’s pretty well documented why). I could do with an update on my knowledge. More Korvax Echo lore particularly as it seems so important to this. Are there any broken Korvax? Do they get corrupted or say things out of character? Why do they pretend to other races (SynthGek is a term I have read)? Please start an NMS lore topic, after all a good few of us really have only just accepted that this is most likely linked! (there are no certainties in ARGs…)


Yes, most Korvax are peaceful and never want to kill anything, worshiping the Sentinels that punish any sentient being that kills things. However, there is one conversation you can have with a Korvax that says it has gone rogue and keeps saying “disconnection, diconnection, disconnection” (this is the Korvax term for “death”) and saying that it is a good thing. The correct answer to the problem is to remove the Korvax’s memory chips, effectively killing the corrupt AI and a new, friendly AI replaces it. @Priathic


I agree. The developers are hard at it, and such gives us all something positive and constructive to ponder on in the meantime.

From the looks of it, WT may be easing us into the NMS backstory that none of us have ever known; and slowly 'cause it’s looking kinda deep. Think crazy science experiment gone almost incomprehensibly wrong. Well, that’s certainly where it seems to be headed, lol.

…An explanation for existing lore …An eventual understanding of what, where, when, why and how.

And if “portals” are involved… Perhaps even ‘multi-dimensional’!? …Maybe traversing even time and space!? …well, “maybe” …LOL! …We may need this gradual explanation… Or then again, maybe not… maybe we just jump in… and figure it from there.

In the end, an ARG is itself also just a game.

But if this truly does prove to be NMS, we’ll all be hard pressed to find a better community. Yes, let’s participate in building ‘that’ community. :heart:


If you have progressed far enough in NMS the exocrafts have a special scanner for finding alien structures. I always carry enough resources to build an exocraft pad on any planet I visit. Pick a spot, build the pad, call my exocraft and start scanning. If it is too far away I use my ship.


@beelzebubsquarepants Here is something for you to “chew on”. I haven’t noticed anyone talking about this.

Freeze-frame of the video with the notebook (with barcode) showing lettering on the wood beside it.

Color version

Black & White version

What does it say?



I see B & C & E, someone in the discord saw numbers. Interesting lead.


Looks like AEC&2 if you ask me.


The A also looks like it could be a greek capital lambda. Zoomed out I see a 1. I is also an option from the black and white.

The E looks more like a greek lower case epsilon because of its curves, or a backwards 3. In the black and white it looks like a c.

The C could also be a G or 6 when zoomed out. When zoomed in it appears to be a broken O or 0. In the black and whit it looks like a possible u with an umlau or some accent mark.

The & could easily be an 8. It could also be a greek delta.

The 2 could be an unlikely Z or backwards S.


looks like something : 5c025a38306


Now at home I took a closer look at the source video, and now I’m pretty sure its just the video filter gone wild on the wood, combined with our imagination.


Coming back to the issue of the OP: Any game is and will be what you yourself make of it. You are free not to play the game, you are free to create or engage in hype/drama/marketing activities, but you are also free to denounce such things. I myself couldn’t care less for hype. I enjoy WT and I enjoy NMS. Period. You are invited to enjoy Waking Titan and No Man’s Sky for what they are.

If you do not wish to have computer and math geeks solve the puzzles in a short amount of time, then go ahead and indulge in the mystery and try to solve them yourself - without any participation in these fora whatsoever. Obviously, fora like these are meant to enhance co-op for the purpose of solving the puzzles.

I enjoy this game since you are allowed to choose whether you want to do it solo - true to a singleplayer game - or cooperate with others. The choice is yours. I’m sorry if some sort of “participation” is broken for you, but I myself thoroughly enjoy learning about how other people cracked the codes and then try to figure out what they mean or what they imply. I SUCK at photo/audio/video editing and manipulation - but I am amazed at how some people in this community use these to solve puzzles! Impressive!

And I don’t think these fora could ever exist without a spoiler-tag all over its forehead. You need clues and you need intermediate results (aka spoilers) in order to take the next step etc.

Portals is a definite thing in No Man’s Sky. They are hard to find, but I am testimony to finding 3 portals through nothing else but incessant searching. My first portal took 8 hours to find, and in the meantime I got one more zoology score (having found all animal species on that planet) and learned a ton of alien languages and lore through interaction with monoliths, plaques and ruins along the way.

I hope you find a way to play the game that satisfies you, if you wish to stay in it, with or without etarc or Reddit etc.


Comparing the puzzles of and, the difficulty increased exponentially from the first to the second. It may very well take longer than an hour for people to solve the next three and we may rely on suggestions from everyone to figure it out.