No Man's Sky and Echo Tech

Found this in-game yesterday. Seems to be a good link between the portals (which most agree are going to be the focus of the next update) and Waking Titan and

“The ancient power of the Korvax Echoes can be seen in the vast Portal that stands before you. You hear them calling out to you. They speak in a familiar tongue.”

The Korvax are a race of android-like beings that kind of look like rejects from Daft Punk:

My theory is that the Korvax are what we (humans) become in the future (“They speak in a familiar tongue”), or perhaps a species that somehow has access to the Echoes that we end up creating?

I think if we look more into Korvax lore, we may find more clues to help us here.


Can we please stop it with the incessant NMS threads? I think we should have a dedicated topic just for these so the rest of us can focus on the actual ARG and all of the NMS conspiracy folks can have a little haven for their discussions.

I concur. Also, this is more Theory than Investigation. I’ll let the @admins do their thing. :wink:

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Thanks for the tag :slight_smile: you can also flag to bring it to all the mods’ attention!


It’s not like there isn’t a chance the ARG ties into NMS, but so far the only connection has been that a clue was left inside the game, but any ARG could have used that. Until there is a more solid connection, everyone constantly spouting off about NMS lore is just adding to the clutter.

This coming from someone who found out about this ARG through the NMS sub, and I’ve played over 100 hours in NMS. It just seems like we can’t have a single thread without someone shouting “NMS! NMS!” when in fact the NMS “lore” is so vague you could really confirmation-bias your way into connecting it with anything else that has a shroud of mystery and space/mythology themes.

You’re preaching to the choir, doc. I’ve got 360+ hours in the game and I’m still waiting for hard proof as well. :wink:

This was in WT thoughts and theories. I don’t see the issue with the post? You’re walking into a thread that features a NMS theory in its connection with WT.

So I don’t understand your complaint?

Imo, WT was made for NMS. We’re still early in the mission. But it will become more clear as we go along. And the skepticism will diminish as such. There’s more than enough information that’s been provided connecting them. At this point it’s better to just go with the flow. Instead of becoming frustrated. We’ll all get our answers in time.


See my original reply about the number of NMS threads. The sheer number of NMS posts/comments makes it really difficult to have a conversation here about what we actually know/think about Waking Titan. I’m saying there should be a separate category for NMS discussion so the rest of us can have a break from it all while we try to keep up with WT. I’d prefer if the WT Thoughts & Theories categories feature thoughts & theories about WT, not about NMS that have tenuous connections to WT through the word “echo.”

Yeah, in your opinion. Not in everyone’s. NMS has pretty generic themes, the vast majority of these “theories” about it could be used to connect it to practically anything you want.

i believe i may still have all of my screenshots from the monoliths and ruins when i was really playing it. i was trying to record all of the lore from the plaques and monoliths and ruins. :wink: one thing that we do see in the lore are words that are in ALL CAPS while the rest of the words in the dialog screen are using normal case. this screenshot is pre-foundation update but note the dialog… :wink:

Well, now it has been changed, so yeah I can see how that would seem odd.
Before, the topic was in WT Investigation. But all is well in that regard! :slight_smile:

Holy crap, guys. I’m new to this whole ARG thing. My only other experience was with the viral campaign for Cloverfield. I thought this was a welcoming forum for ALL ideas. Clearly, I was wrong. If you are going to be so short-sighted about which evidence you consider (which, btw, consists of a hell of a lot more than just a MAJOR piece of the puzzle) you should be ashamed to call yourself an investigator. If this does turn out to be unrelated to NMS (which is almost impossible, at this point) I will gladly apologize.

I had higher hopes for this forum. I guess I will stick to reddit, where the NMS community is a hell of a lot more open-minded and inclusive than this place. When you pull the stick out of your ass, feel free to come over and offer any insight you may have.


I also invested a lot of my time into NMS and am still waiting for the hard evidence. There are some links but most of them could be coincidental. Also what flow? The flow is really just a bunch of people making assumption based on vague evidence connecting the ARG and the game. Yes it seems like the two are connected but that doesn’t in fact mean they are. Echos, Atlas, AI all of those things are so common in sci-fi and western mythos in general that their value as evidence of connection is really low. Other things such as that the songs in PDFs were produced by a company called Mercury (HG) could be coincidental - the third song wasn’t after all.


I’m genuinely sorry for the misunderstandings happening on your post, Reikon! I didn’t mean to stir the pot. I was merely trying to keep things organized. Really, I’m sorry. Let’s get back to your original thought, yeah? Because I believe it deserves to be discussed.

I remember seeing this dialog once before. I didn’t think much of it. But you bring up a good point. How are we (humans) even supposed to understand the aliens unless we somehow were taken as Echoes? It’s then reason to believe that the Korvax are scavengers of information. I mean, they get pretty excited when they see the Traveller. (this is also a good reason to speculate that Polo is a SynthGek) What if they also scavenge other species as well? Then they would know the Vy’keen and Gek languages. What I don’t get is why don’t they have a clue about the Atlas? They see it as this omnipotent god with all the knowledge they desire. I feel like there’s lore to explain their fascination…

It’s also noted in many other dialogs that the player can understand the alien because they are speaking our tongue. So some aliens are multi-lingual. Cool. I think this might be a design choice to avoid players getting super lost when trading with other NPCs.

The monoliths also carry some sort of supernatural power that presents itself when the Traveller approaches. Visions are seen, gifts are presented, pleas and cries are heard, all engaging the Traveller to do something. Other dialogs with Korvax that I’ve encountered in buildings have tried to examine me, poking and prodding needles and scanners. They are always trying to figure things out, and get answers from the Traveller.

My home planet was in a Korvax system and I spend quite a bit of time there. lol. So they were the first species I encountered and the first bit of lore I experienced. That’s not to say I’m an expert, but that I just love them. :stuck_out_tongue:
I for one believe it’s definitely a Korvx/Portal backstory/present story, and am excited to see where it goes!

Again, truly sorry for the previous negligence to your thoughts. :pray:


I appreciate your apology. Sorry for blowing up there. I’m not usually involved in this type of thing and don’t know anyone who plays either, so I’m kind of trapped into figuring this thing out on my own and I guess my frustration got the better of me.

I wanted to share something I thought of this morning when reading a post about Multiverse and NMS’s goal of reaching the center. Game spoilers for NMS to follow.

When you reach the center of Euclid, you are “thrown out” and restart in a new galaxy called Hilbert, albeit with the same ship and multi-tool (you don’t have to FULLY start over). What if Hilbert is a new part of a Multiverse? What if, each time you move to a new galaxy, it’s a new echo and WHAT IF YOU ARE THE ECHO ENTERING A NEW BEING?


It is possible, the NMS multiverse theory has been mentioned before here:
The real question would be, how does it help us get any further in our search. I mean, knowing (or believing) something to be a multiverse is only useful if you have a specific instance (16?) of that multiverse you want to go to, and even then you would need to have more details.
Now you could try to find the previously used location in Euclid in another instance of the multiverse, but I don’t know anyone who would be at or near #16:slight_smile: (Nor would that be reasonable to expect.)

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Also, whats the point? Why would I want to go to a paralell dimension if all I am going to see is more weird animals and plants? There must be something that portals will do that is an addition to the core gameplay mechanics we already have otherwise they will be moot.

This is not about what the point of it is ingame. This is about how it can help us advance in this ARG. :slight_smile:

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If it is related, there is a trailer for NMS regarding the portals. When the character enters the portal it seems to take him/her/it to a different version of the planet they are on. Past - Present? Present - Future? Parallel universe?

What if the drab repetitive planets were always planned and in the original concept of the game, you had to find the portals to get to the worlds that they featured in the trailers? They just did not have enough time or money to get there.

There is lore that tells of the plague of an advance brutal species. What if you use the portals to go back in time to stop it??


NMS player chipping in again. i’ve put in hundreds of hours and am still playing this game a ton and restarted the game to get to the Galactic Hub in NMS.

The lore of the game talks a lot and references a ton of the things mentioned on the Echo website. Tons of the NPCs in NMS have the title of Entity Echo, etc. Also, the sound clips we’ve heard off and on def seem to be NMS sound effects. The game’s lore mentions garbled almost familiar voices when you visit alien monoliths related to the Atlas. The ARG really feels like a prequel to the world of NMS we are playing in.

Also some rumors based on unused game files point to a possible fourth species in NMS and i feel that this ARG may reveal that species and also perhaps add further lore to the game along with perhaps some new quests. i’m really just spitballing here and have no real evidence to back claims. The portals in NMS, tons of ideas on what they could lead to if they are activated post ARG or during it.


finally, just a peak at the beauty of NMS, marked spoiler because its from one of the Atlas interfaces. :slight_smile: