#sayhello Message to Hello Games

Exactly! No need to freak out ! :grin:

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For a lot of us, it’s not even about the updates or ARG. We just want to hear from HG because we like them. We want to know how they doing / what their thoughts are; stuff like that. Before NMS was released, there was a million interviews with SM and we got to see portions of the team and hear their story.

We miss that. Miss seeing them and hearing from them. Some people are demanding answers about what is going on with the ARG and what the update is going to be about, which obviously isn’t really our business at the end of the day, but it would be really nice to see SM again and just hear how the team is holding up.


I don’t expect anything. I’m thankful for the game and enjoy the community that has developed here.
That’s enough for me.


I would suggest posting to their Twitter rather than bombarding their email. On one hand, it is good to get their attention and to express your passion for the game. On the other hand, 1000s of emails just mean you are being a PEST.

As a wise fictional person once said, “A teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Meaning… be passionate without being DEMANDING…in notifying Hello Games of your opinions and your desires! -)



lol, I am amazed at how many people and companies think everyone, every single person in the world has a tweet account, and every others social media software that is available along with the 5 new ones popping up everyday to make sure you are one of the phone zombies.
There is a contest for a 10K computer and along with email entered there were 5 other “ways” to enter the contest if you have those social media accounts.
I am very sure, absolutely, 100%, that EMILY is on everything and watching everyone.
Hello Games is not. They are locked in a box of EMILY’s making.


To add… People were (now WT is back on) getting so impatient with this. HG have probably signed an agreement with A&S so cannot break silence. In turn this is good because they can focus on what matters - NMS! Despite the history, NMS dares to re-write the rules away from recent years of MMMMMMPORGs and therefore youngens’ should learn that when an AI says get some rest, DO IT!!! :wink: