Theory about instance16status

So recently ive been trying to check look into instance16status off emily’s to do list, and while talking on a previous topic I made (link below) and solar party suggested that it may have something to do with how the game is supposed to be a simulation, and that got me thinking. What if in no mans we are all in a simulation that is being run by the atlas foundation. And elizibeth is trying to send a message any way she can, even through the simulation. It could also be an efect caused by maybe the echos starting to deteriorate. Idk what do you guys think? Im really just trying to start a discussion about this cause no one has really been talkin about instance16status much.

instance16status could be Old Gods, or it could be Elizabeth. Meaning instance16status could be whoever made the simulation. Or i16s could be an AI. Just throwing ideas out.

My thoughts:

Instance 16 is just that, the 16th instance of, well, something running. Or, was trying to run, at least. It hit an error, LOOP16. My biggest question is: Why did Instance 16 report it’s error on a communication ball in a game?

Loop often implies doing the same thing again and again (kinda like the definition of insanity) - more to the question - why did it stop at 16 and was it a true loop, or were there differences in some aspect?

someone should go and fix this loop
restarting instance 16 should do it :slight_smile:

I agree 100% – but how do we do that? :frowning:

I don’t know, how can you interact with that thing?

I think the in-game loop error is supposed to let us know that the Echoes of Project WT and the Korvax are related, at least in terms of a narrative parallel between them.

Who or what instance16status is… well it could be a Korvax whose “echo” has been corrupted and can’t transition to a new host body. We’ve seen corrupted Korvax before in the game, though we’ve never seen any of the game NPCs use message terminals before.

My guess is that the player instance16status who left the message is Elizabeth or someone else trapped in an echo state. Echoes are AI representations of people after all, and I imagine they exist in a digital state, so my running theory is that one or more Echoes are lost in the internet, altering videos and leaving messages in hopes of contacting help. At the very least I think either a person or an AI from Waking Titan is the one who left the message in NMS.

My thinking here was that since the message reads “LOOP16 unexpected error: 97C-303N-5884-P”

that 97C-303N-5884-P is an error message… to what I have no idea.

this link takes you to the original paper received that led us to this message ball.

notice that a subroutine of dataset 97c failed, it then prompts us to check the sector for errors. which is presumably the sector where we found the message ball.

I believe LOOP16 is a part of the dataset 97c and the instance16status is simply the name of what reports the error message.
The trick is to figure out what exactly stopped loop16 and caused an error.

A possible solution is that since the error message was the password to then whatever is waking titan meant to cause the error.

Also how do we report back our finding to Major Dubois using security protocol hermes, and what does she mean by leave no stone unturned?

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Well, the error starts with “97C” so that is surely an error in that dataset. I’m not sure the rest of the error has any relevance to puzzles beyond being used as a password.

“Security protocol Hermes” probably just means “use a physical messenger”, as Hermes was the messenger of the Greek gods. I don’t think we’re supposed to contact them with physical letters though. :wink:

Though now that I’m looking up Hermes, this is rather interesting:

Hermes is considered a god of transitions and boundaries. He is described as quick and cunning, moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. He is also portrayed as an emissary and messenger of the gods;[1] an intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.

This is making me start to think that Elizabeth and Dubois are not even existing in our real space. Are they echoes reaching out to the physical world? Or is the implication that we’re all actually in a simulation and they are outside of it?

I think when she said leave no stone unturned I think she was talking about when we were searching for the error. I do like your thoery alot, my question is what could have been affected by the error?