Hi, so ive been trying to figure out who instance16status is (with very little luck mind you). What I did is that it has something to do with code.

So I was thinking maybe if we look in the code for nms for an instance16status, or something like that.

Instances are used in every (or almost every) object-oriented programming language. It’s a very general term.
The source code for NMS is unknown we could unpack the game data and search for this term but I think it’s too much of a hassle for little to no gain.
NMS could use more search in the system were instance16status was found.

Maybe it’s the 16th tape.

It may have something to do with the idea that the game world in No Man’s Sky is actually a simulation. A specific instance of that simulation. Perhaps the current game world is actually the 16th instantiation of the simulation.

The fact that the user instance16status left the message “LOOP16 UNEXPECTED ERROR” within the game itself gives more credence to this. Perhaps this relates to the idea that Emily mentioned that echoes could become corrupted over time. Was instance16status a damaged Korvax within the game? Or someone manipulating the simulation from outside the instance who found that the simulation has been corrupted?


I think instance16status, the user that placed the communication station in No Man’s Sky, is this guy: - YouTube for several reasons.

  1. He seems to have the 16th tape (it says 16 of 16 if you listen long enough) and has been playing it on loop since June 5th, so he definitely seems connected to this.
  2. He is on PC playing NMS. I know this because I am on PS4 and the livestream is not on the “Live from Playstation” list.
  3. He now has a galactic map of his current position on the livestream, and someone told me he is in the section of the galaxy where the instance16status comm station was found.
    Obviously this isn’t absolute proof that he is instance16status. The fact that he is a well established Youtuber casts doubt on this, but it is not impossible that he was paid to participate (I can’t imagine sitting there all day long looping the same song all day if I wasn’t being paid for it, and yes you can see him moving on the LS feed).
    But I think there is very strong evidence that he may be instance16status.
    How does that help us? Well he has a link to Side B of the tape, but it currently is a broken link, but we should keep an eye on the feed now and then to see if he fixes the link later.

That guy is a troll. I do not believe he is instance16status. See below a lot of work has already gone into investigating his wierdness and it has not amounted to anything useful.

I literally just thought about that. What if instance16status is apart of the simulation. At first I thought that maybe it was atlas or who ever controls the simulation (Elizabeth maybe?) Trying to send us a message. But it could be an echo corrupting. We should look deeper into this.

Mr_Unoticed just posted the following on discord

@everyone This is a PSA everyone working on the ARG needs to stop feeding into REACTION FACTION. He’s been trolling since the beginning. And is hindering progress. He’s stepped into NMSTG’s discord and openly admitted to trolling. Please guys. Do not feed into this anymore than we already have.

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I like this idea. When you die in NMS you re-spawn as a new generation.

It could be the case that this instance16status is on it’s 16th generation(loop?) which has been corrupted hence the unexpected error.

Possibly, but Elizabeth or someone working with her had to have sent that message; otherwise we wouldn’t have found it. Going by the garbled audio message that asks for help, I’m assuming that’s the person stuck. But is this person (or people) stuck in No Man’s Sky, or stuck in some metaverse dimension, or some AI echo from Project WT that is glitched out and lost somewhere on the internet?


Actually - that message from Elizabeth has two potential meanings right now. It could be a test message and the help us is help us make this thing great and the anyone hearing this is just her wondering if the tech is working. The second potential is that there is trouble (help us from this trouble) and will anyone even see this (not sure if message is going to bring help)

She appears to be smiling at the beginning when she introduces herself, so I’m leaning toward the idea that this is a company announcement or commercial where she is introducing her company and its product(s). Possibly a transmission from the future when much more advanced technology has developed.

with the echo company from 2009 suddenly appearing i think it’s an alternate universe rather than the future.

Or could it be a combination - there has been mention of settling into a finite state - what if we are going quantum level here - so it is a case of multiple pathways (more so than dimensions) and something is causing pathways to merge/combine/jump. etc.

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It may not matter but I was looking at again which is just the part of waking titan site that show the radio stations, and currently 16 are active.

also game detectives has this page which list the longitude and latitude and city of each station.

I’m sure more will become active, but for now could instance 16 have something to do with the currently active stations.

If Reaction faction IS a troll, why keep streaming after admitting to it? He’s been streaming over a week straight now, that’s a LOT of effort for a troll. Also, why do we only see one side of the conversation from Discord? What’s he referring to with VLC metadata and not the optimal way to extract them? Extract what?

I’m not convinced he’s not a puppet master, and I’m not convinced he’s not a troll…I don’t know what to think, other than keeping an eye on him.

I only showed a snippet of the discord images of his conversation. There is more on there if you wanna check it out for yourself.

Also, if he were worth investigating Emily would encourage it not keep shutting it down.

Don’t feed the troll.

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He is NOT live streaming. He is just looping a pre-recorded gameplay and streams it on youtube.

Exactly, there is NO effort at all, other than including a new cryptic message in the description every now and then to lure viewers. He has been proven to be a troll before even admitting to it. So far it seems to have been working well for him. The more attention we give him, the more viewers he will get. So let’s all just focus on the actual ARG instead of getting side-tracked by Troll Bait.

The gameplay is actually live (there are hours of inactivity at points, but it is live), we’ve been following and interacting with him. He occasionally comments in the stream as well. It’s been a lot of fun in all honesty. The video of him and the cookies in top right is looping though. - The way I see it, it’s something to do until the 17th. And I’m actually playing & learning about the game…

There are atleast 3 of us that are visiting his locations and comm balls. You can keep up on NoMansConnect.

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