Observatory code?

Maybe I still have Waking Titan on the brain, but I noticed an odd alphanumeric sequence pop up after activating an observatory. Wasn’t quick enough to screenshot it but maybe on the next one. Anyone else see it?

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Seen it to and was pissed I could not screen shot it

it happens on PC and PS4

Haven’t seen it but now I’ll keep an eye out for it

Yeah ill try to grab it next time also. It’s quick, right after you answer the puzzle. Worth logging in the ETARC hive mind I think.

I really am hoping there are bits in NMS that will be used in future ARGs! Things that jump out as “why is this in here”…things that will trigger our ETARC-inquisitive minds!


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I’ve already noticed a few connections between the ARG and NMS, specially related to the Atlas.