Howard Stern 8th July

Howard Stern is an interesting choice. For starters, you have to subscribe to listen, which means millions of paying subscribers will have no idea what Waking Titan is. It is not as easily accessible for the ARG players as previous stations and no lit link on Project WT site yet. If subscribers generally pay for their content, then advertising on the station must be much higher cost. Anyone got any statistics? Could be thousands just for a daily plug. Satellite radio was supposed to be commercial free but the SiriusXM site states “over 150 channels of commercial-free music plus sports, talk, comedy, entertainment, news and more” but does have advertising links, etc.

Part of me is anticipating Stern will do a surprise interview with Sean Murray, but that breaks the fourth wall too much.


I found a media document that suggested advertisements on the Stern show cost at least $5000. But since this will be a re-run (Stern only does live shows in the first part of the week), they might be able to get a lower cost. In any case, it’s still gotta be a lot more expensive than an ad on a small island nation. Of course, I guess if you’re Superlumina and sending back messages in time, you can advertise all you want.


No more banging spanish and peurto rican tunes :frowning:


Hmmm… due to the fact that all “wt-radio-content” consited of ads until now, we are focused a lot on expecting a new ad… but what if not only the radio station pattern breaks, but also the content pattern?
If i would choose to do something i am used to a different way, i would do it for the reason of improving. So what are the biggest advantages of Sattelite Radio?

Biggest advantage? No ads…

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Whomever is sending superluminal messages may think they can change things in a larger area by piggybacking on a satellite broadcast vs. terrestrial radio stations.


Nice thought. What kind of Change do you think of?

The good outcome? Elizabeth simply needs more juice to get her messages through or to change things more precisely.
The bad outcome? A malevolent entity (perhaps the “join the crusade” entity) wants to change the timeline in a wider scope.


There are two channels indicated to pay attention to:

Below are the schedules for both Howard 100 and Howard 101 for coming Saturday:

Howard 100

Howard 101



So in theory if things play out, and timing stays similar to past events we could expect an event during a repeat of the Jay Thomas show, which records live tonight, and repeats tomorrow from 8-11?

In case someone hasn’t seen the post:

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Considering the WT site specifically mentions Howard Stern, I’d say it’ll come on then. Appearing on Sirius is sort of breaking the previous patterns anyway…

Sounds like this is pretty Sirius business.



I just want to inform the ETARC community that a number of people attempting to access the login/registration page for SiriusXM is being met with an Error Code 16, no doubt a form of geo-blocking/country restriction system to stop anyone who’s not in the USA or related countries from accessing the stream.

There are people already set up to record the ad (if it is an “ad” at that) so people like myself will have to wait till someone records it and uploads to somewhere like


Don’t worry, like always I’m sure people will post tons of videos and sound clips that won’t load on my browser. :smiley:

ironic it is 16


Ironic? It would be ironic if we didn’t have grounds to believe it’s not a coincidence :wink:

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So…the Howard Stern link on the site is now glitching…

Everything is glitching, Emily, atlas site, and now WT…the flot phickens…

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For those unable to tune in… you have your humanity and sanity intact. It is a zoo, a mad zoo… I need sleep therapy…