The Radio Ads and their Timing

So has anyone taken note at exactly what times the radio advertisements have aired? I guess it would be helpful possibly to keep it in UTC since they’ve had sources in multiple time zones.

Two reasons for my curiosity:

  1. Have some idea of when to expect the next transmission this coming Saturday
  2. In the leave-no-stone-unturned mindset, could there be any significance to the specific airing times? There’s definitely plenty of attention being paid to “time” in general right now, what with all the tachyons and superluminal rigmarole that’s been theorized over the last couple of weeks…
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I would also like to ask: Does Howard Stern air all day or is it a specific time slot?

The Sirius/XM channel airs all day to the best of my knowledge… but I think the large majority of airtime is just replays of shows from years past