Invalid device

Curious does the wakingtitan website only work on pc and when opened from a smart phone say invalid device, thats what its doing for me

If you get that message then from browser options select the option to view ‘Desktop Site’ . Ie the standard PC version of the site.

Many of the WT ARG websites are not fully optimised for mobile.

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Thanks i just binged watched all of the recaps of waking titan and have just gotten into it.


Welcome! You will find a nice bunch of people here. Have you introduced yourself in the Introduction thread? Also, we have the Help A Fellow Traveller thread which is great for asking questions. Help a fellow Traveller
I am closing tbis topic now. Enjoy the ARG
Ok. I am learning all of this stuff. Open again…:crazy_face:


Welcome @Potatokiller! Glad to have you aboard!