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BTW How do I make Voltaic Cells now? My blueprint is gone, do I need to get another Korvax Scientist?


Yeah you get it through the scientist questline

You will need to restart your quests with your constructor Gek and scientist Korvax.

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ok cheers, i found some voltaic cells at my base but I’ll do that now, thank you

edit: the voltaic cells at the base allow me to trasnfer and sell them but they are labelled as ‘obsolete’, so weird

Is Rusty Metal good for anything beyond selling it?

I don’t recall it from my last playthrough

At this point, we have not found a distinctive use for Rusty Metal (nor the Goop at abandoned buildings). It was not present with the earlier version.


Ok good to know. Cheers. :slight_smile:

It pays to keep checking your log to ensure your fetch quest supervisor is highighted or else you efforts will go unnoticed.
Undid & rebuilt my rover pad several times before I worked that out.
Also have found, retrieving existing items out of storage doesn’t qualify as making. You must collect the element from nature then manufacture the part. You can however compliment your natural finds with previously stored materials to speed up the process.

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removing rusty metal opens green crates, and removing goop is for abandoned buildings terminal
edit: wording

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No, I got the rust from green crates. I wondered whether it had any use and was worth stockpiling.

Does anyone know if you can have multiple saveson ps4 in normal mode without overweighting my current one, I’m scared to take the risk and loose all I’ve done

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hm, well, if you want to start again you could make a new profile on your ps4 and have completely separate save games, that’s what i do

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Pop a thumbdrive into the ps4 and backup your current save, you can always restore it later.

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I might just fo that, thanks :+1:

farming … putting fertilizer on the bases with T9, PU.
How long is that gonna last?
I appears I will have to be there every 20 mins to put more T9 down or my plants will stop growing.
Pearls which i have now take 2 hours to grow.

the vertical planters are not accepting plants which does not require fertilizer, not sure if this is a bug or designed.
can ya check that? confirm this? thanks

I’ll have to rebuild my biodome to check how that works

Appreciate the help, thanks

Down freighters note.

When you approach a freighter there is not much showing.
Scan and locate the icon gear wheel.
there should be alot.
If you do not have grenades you will not be able to get some of the storage containers.
The storage containers are buried.
they contain so far units and clusters only.
if someone else finds something else please post.


You can use the terrain manipulator to blast them out too