Todds Survival Mode Base (PS4) ~Euclid~


Was hoping to do this properly with screenshots from orbit tracing best route etc but cant find the time, still a work in progress but here she is.

Its about a 12 minute walk from the portal, to the east but slightly south-easterly. Exocraft is recommended as there are two large lakes en route, terrain is also rather rocky and sharp in areas. There is a network of smooth hills and plains you can take but its winding and adds a bit onto the journey.

Once you get there, its just a simple beanstalk farm. I have planted too much starbulb and plan for another dome or two.

The farm yields 1 living glass, 8 or so circuit boards and 2 liquid explosives at present count. When visiting on survival, sentinels will be hostile so be careful travellers!

Zenith IV is located in Toddumptious II, which is a system situated in Spacing Guild territory.

Visitors of all game modes welcome to visit and leave messages, please leave outside of base radius for building reasons


Love the base design, Todd! Did you alter the files in anyway to create it?


Looks cool. I suspect you have a stairwell with landings spiraling about the center support.

I will visit you this afternoon around 5 pm EDT.


Nope on ps4 so no modifications. Just a cuboid spiral staircase with a grow dome leading off the left of each landing, two leading off top landing with a little rooftop area, 99% complexity.

@LordMarkov ill aim to be on same time :slight_smile: if youre near TSG space still, you may be able to jump there.


Looks awesome.
I will come sometime.


May I add your info to the Spacing Guild website so our members visit you?



Seriously though! Are you still their? Would love to come to ur base/planet. I’ve tried going to so many peoples bases and they were ALL playing on normal,and im on survival Dx. Either way, ima coming! See ya soon.


Right? My reaction was the same. I don’t have enough glyphs though :cry: We should have a survival mode party some time :grin:


I visited you today. Cool coloured planet!
Of course I was on the other side of reality (normal mode) but between your posted pics and my imagination it was still great to visit you.
Left you a com…


Saw it last night :slight_smile: Thanks for visiting Sir Mad. Sorry I missed our chance of another live light-orb dance… So far no sign of any glitchy cataclysms like the last time our worlds crossed over.

@DaleGrib It’s exactly why I made this, found it very hard to find survival bases/farms on the innernette, the ones I did where several hours treks away from their portals so I made it my goal to provide something for interlopers. The base is still in a constant state of flux, when I heard @LordMarkov was making an appearance I sacrificed a biodome and some starbulb to make a little visitors lobby on the first floor. Might jump into creative over the next week and experiment with some new designs, try and maximise my farming yield with zero waste.


Been out visiting a bit and no monuments cause any issue. Our ‘incident’ was some freak glitch & something to do with my com being near the monument. (When I approached the monument it would say the com’s greeting.?.?).
After moving, all is well. Didn’t lose my game & created a turning point for the A.T.C. story so worked out ok in the end.

Creative mode is great fun for designing bases or working out problematic points. I never save it but I’ve made some pretty crazy structures. Good fun.


It’s a Portal Visit mission on the Spacing Guild website now. A couple members visited already.


Thanks Mac :slight_smile:


Well that was a treat, logged into the sim, lo and behold mclizard and lordmarkov are having the bants in m’base, was also graced with a visit from Markovs other half, knightalese :slight_smile:


Spacing Guild visit Zenith IV

No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

If you would like other players’ voices to be heard in your videos, you need to make a PS4 chat party, and have the others set their party settings to “Prioritize Party Chat” and “Allow Your Voice to be Shared” (Allow for current party or Always allow).

You have a nice voice for Youtube, by the way, but then, I’m a Jacksepticeye fan, so I’m biased toward Irish accents.


Haha thanks, I’ve thought about streaming alot but I blaspheme like a trooper and get easily distracted, when I move home next month I might invest in decent reliable mic and start doing status report videos.

I have that enabled for recording to share voice, we were in game chat not party unfortunately but thought would still record like in games that have proximity chat, might need to double check my settings, its been a few system software updates since i last checked.

Thanks again for the warm Spacing Guild welcome


NMS game chat won’t show up on videos, that’s why I was saying you have to use PS4 chat party.


Well that was fun :grin: I didn’t expect to see you there @toddumptious. Your base was fantastic! I will have to visit again.


I had just returned after mapping out an interesting looking region about 175000LY from center, thanks for visiting, was fun. Id just deleted the top floor before you joined, was going to restructure a bit :slight_smile: