Eissentam Hub Challenge | PS4 | Normal

Made it to the Eissentam Hub. Pop by my base. 10 circuit + 1 Liquid X Farm. There is also a challenge…

  1. Port to my Home Planet and walk to base (1.5 min).
  2. Find System Guide at base.
  3. Find my system in the Galactic Map and warp on over!
  4. Find the comm station on the exotic moon (another hint at base).
    1. Let me know what you found by the comm station on the exotic moon…

*Bonus: Starship Warp Theta blueprints at the trader in this system’s space station.


Gonna head there later, dunno if I’ll have time for the challenge but I am intrigued :slight_smile:

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This is your base planet right? Do you have a portal address to a system that is not inhabited so we can use the base claim trick to move to the hub?

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Good suggestion, man.

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Hey Mac! I’ve seen your vids on YouTube before but didn’t realize the specific goals of the Spacing Guild. This is right up my alley.

You could also warp from TopOfTheTree’s burner port as I did to go into outer hubs to find my pal (ended up setting up my base right next to his system), but that would mean porting my base to get a waypoint, then to HUB1 and that’s a lot of effort.

This was fun though. Here are the glyphs to the neighbouring system, 47ly away from Itungon-Amouris XIII, where my base is located. And now, there is a second point of entry a bit out from TopOfTheTree’s burner in HUB 1.

Second signal boost habitable base generation says 13 min walk. Bring your exocraft and come visit me in HUB 14. Spread the word!


Also, first time using HUB naming system / representing the cosmic vanguard of the people (not to be taken too seriously)…


Is it ok to make a video with this portal address in it to show people how to get to the Eissentam Hub?

Sure thing. You can drop the name of my system too, but don’t have to if it’s not relevant.