ARG isn't "over" and stuff

This phase has been completed, and there are still mysteries left and stuff to expect.
Please don’t be a negative nancy, there is a lil bit of that going on, and those players need to remember this is an ARG, and mystery is a major part of it, so please discuss things freely but don’t be stroppy if it isn’t what you expect. All of this has been free and any time you’ve invested so far is simply your responsibility. Personally I’m having a blast, and wondering what the team has in store for us. So far I’ve learned more about quantum physics, time dilation, etc, than I ever have in any other game. The remaining loose ends and mysteries are just a bonus.

PS the Puppet Masters are basically a French team in Canada & the French story The little Prince (Le Petit Prince) has surprising correlations to No Man’s Sky. Interesting read.


Agreed, for you other gamers out there. Think of it as a side quest for exp. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ekult :slight_smile:

I was getting flashbacks to last august when everyone who’d jumped on the NMS band wagon 6-12 months prior to release just had crazy knee jerk reactions, inciting a massive hate wagon that the media played in to and perpetuated too, I was a little worried yesterday a similar response was happening, yet again from peoples ignorance towards the subject matter and their own insane levels of hype.

I don’t mind them being like that elsewhere but for me ETARC is a bastion from the rest of the internets children. I think the only people left with patience on the internet are those raised on 56k dial up :sweat_smile:


ugh, that sound they make is still in my head… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, NMS definitely harks back to old school gaming and whatnot, and this arg started with analogue cassette tapes. Very retro, but also mixes new tech and old science theories all together. I think it’s brilliant.