June 12 New status on WT Elizabeth is gone!


Rest in Pieces Elizabeth Leighton?
June 7 Loop16 Seq 29
PDF's/Vids of Dubois, Leighton, Myriad
June 7 Loop16 Seq 29


Has Other always been there or is that new?


That’s new to me.


Can I just say that song sounds really interesting with the sound from WT playing along behind it.
It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about
Watching some good friends screaming Let me out! :scream:


What?! I don’t believe it. I think it’s a trick…
Plus, is it just me or is the punctuation in this memo strange?



Too bad I’m an L-15 :cry:


Looks fine to me. Depending if you are on mobile or on PC, the commas look a bit like periods.


Yeah, that explains it. I’m on mobile.


I’m really depressed about Elizabeth guys. I really didn’t want her to be dead.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I called this! :raised_hands: but yes I’m sad Elizabeth is gone :cry::sweat::sob: I’m guessing we will see maj Sophie soon tho :wink:


You do know She is a Titaness right ?

Type in whois themis on WT


Major takeaway from the memo in terms of operations: They’re working on integrating the dreamers into satcom. I.e. they’re not yet integrated, looks like we’re not supposed to do anything with them yet.

Also, R.I.P. Elizabeth. Let’s hope Sophie gets along with Emily, now that she’s in charge.


I think that was already available on phase 2


Too bad I am WT/01 lol


You still can be optimistic. 3500 AP are missing and the 2 designations in the memo represent only 5% of the 10.000. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfClzyix6nCvi2QIEN6e2VNDRQmwiudO6gmPG08yez-E0zTGw/viewanalytics
So about 3000 others designations AP should be on the way too.



Elizabeth Videos were always her Echo theory

Well this was my little theory from yesterday and I stand by it :slight_smile: Elizabeth’s videos were all made after her death.

If you wanna take it even further down that rabbit hole, I’m also knocking around a theory that everything is simulated. It’s that or Elizabeth’s Echo is somehow sending videos back in time to us directly


Thank you Elizabeth, you’ll be dearly missed :hearts:

Now why no talk about what happened, why hardly any mention and instead just move on? No time to grieve, have an Atlas pass instead? I do believe this to be somewhat suspicious.

Also worth to note, the choice for the video to go with ‘Under Pressure’. Was the official video too dark for us?



My thoughts are that they are going to wrap up the WT ARG to coincide with NEXT, so like any good soap opera or HBO series - killing off main characters is one option to bring closure.

…and like any good soap opera or series - death is not necessarily final…


Sophie Dubois was not Atlas - she was military. How can she just take over a private company? Sophie Dubois thought Emily was an economic, military, and existential threat. She wanted Emily shut down.

James Harry was one of Sophie Dubois’ people.

Sophie Dubois was on the phone to Elizabeth at the moment the bomb went off. She was the only person who knew exactly where Elizabeth was.

Possible. But it could be something as simple as international copyright. They’ve had problems with that before.