Something is up with


Anyone got any idea what it could mean?

EDIT: Solving of the real site continuing here:

New Email! "Update Error - Waking Titan"

Very interesting indeed.

BEGIN SEQUENCE -16.0e998112 …

Process degraded. Rebooting

The sequence number appears to be a very small negative number. though the notation is rather unusual imo

Process degraded is not what I’ve typically seen to occur in computer science either. The term process degradation does exist, but not typically in this context.
It could be an indication that the choice (80) for the mercury process was not the desired one.


Or to be precise, a very largely negative number rather than one that’s only just below zero, since the minus sign is before the “e” rather than after it. It’s -16 followed by 998112 zeroes!


All hands on deck! Haha… generally when i hear a term like “process degrading” i think of a video stream etc… which might be a clue as to the videos that we had seen earlier, but that is then assuming that the videos we saw were recorded at Superlumina and sent back in time. Just my thoughts.

As for the number, it is very deliberate and when I get to my computer at work I will have a look, that being said I am not fantastic at this stuff.

Is there anything changed in the source code etc?


One thing I noticed in the source: there’s a function that appears to be just a Google Analytics helper function, but the choice of variable names is unusual. The code starts “function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){”, and I wonder whether it might be more than coincidence that the single-letter variable names spell out “isogram”, which is " a word or phrase without a repeating letter…useful as keys in ciphers" (

If that is a deliberate choice, it could be a clue to the next cryptographic puzzle.


Ah, scratch that: it’s also in the code, so presumably someone’s spotted that before.


I wouldn’t assume though… maybe just follow through. Or search on the forums and see if anyone mentioned it.


@tom you are indeed correct, a very large negative number, I wasn’t paying attention. :slight_smile:

Also, the title is a bit odd, as matt mentioned: "Read1 you’re not f4r ye3 this."
It looks like something similar to l33t speek except it is not. neither read1 nor ye3 are anything legit as far as I know. f4r could be far, but considering the others are not l33t, I don’t think this one is supposed to be interpreted as such either. Leacing me to wonder what it means.
The original line was “you’re not ready for this yet”. So it could be we are given the first 3 letters of some replacement cipher. But in that case, why also shuffle the words?


Just a thought… but maybe the cypher is Y=1 O=4 T=3 … not sure how that would work though


This had to happen while I’m on the train to work haha… once I get to work I will be able to check some more stuff… but I will keep thinking about it for sure.


Well, on the bright side, this is probably only a part of a puzzle. So in that case, you might be able to start solving it later. ^^


I’d say you’re very right… maybe check through Myriad-70 and see if anything has changed with the shields and stuff?


Another way to interpret this is to assume that this site is not at all related the mercury process or anything, and instead the server behind it is suffering from some form of corruption causing lines to be mixed up, and invalid (negative number) sequences to be run.

It could be what started trouble for Elizabeth, or it could just be a sign of the trouble mentioned in one of the earlier PDFs that this project seems to have and which everyone is working to fix.

It is also worth noticing that the server itself appears to be aware of this situation and is attempting to reboot itself in order to solve this.
The only type of servers that are typically aware of these conditions are those specifically designed for it (like spacecraft) which usually have 2 or 3 computers doing all work twice (duple?) or trice and then determine if the outcome of both computers is identical. If not, they know at least 1 of them is wrong and discard all data to try again.


Yeah it could be the Atlas AI starting to take over, or whatever “problem” the PDF was talking about like you said. It would be so cool if Superlumina and Atlas-65 websites end up being super corrupted to represent the AI takeover or alternate reality warp or whatever.


That would be Awesome!


Maybe Yoda is involved? :slight_smile:

More seriously, I think you’re right that the word shuffling is important: it might indicate that something else will have to be reordered in the same way, but perhaps it refers to elements that we haven’t seen yet. combined with Drakonslayor’s identification of the Y=1 O=4 T=3 simple substitution, I think these are worth noting for later code breaking.


Rearranging the words in “Read1 you’re not f4r ye3 this.”, I get the following characters left over; 14e3. Converting that from Hex to decimal gets me “5347”. Googling 5347, first result is a gene, which is "PLK1 polo like kinase 1 [ Homo sapiens (human) ] "

Polo likes Humans.

Edit: Nevermind, I forgot the “yet” at the end.


Its an anagram for TOY. Someone is toying with us!


I mean, that looks like a really big coincidence… and im not sure about the rest of you but i don’t believe there are coincidences in this ARG… POLO… LIKES… HUMANS… i mean, it’s not wrong haha.


Assuming the number on the page represents an integer overflow, what would the bit size representing that maximum be? I think a 2048-bit key is 617 decimal places, so 99k…I don’t even know.