WT - Phase 4 (revisited) / GameDet unsolved(?)

On THIS GameDetectives page, but JUST ABOVE / BEFORE the “Mercury Project” heading…
… there is a section of their text:

"… The Twitter username, w9rPQ45E is also a Pastebin, providing the string


In the Ethereum transaction, there is Input Data that, when converted to ascii, links to another Pastebin, providing another string:


Two things have been done with these strings. Together, they are the Private Key for the Ethereum account the money was transferred to. It has since been withdrawn to a different account. Second, if you put the two strings together and compare them with the string from Waking Titan’s console, every odd character matches the strings from Pastebin.

e . b . 4 . c . 1 .4 . a . 9 . c . 6 . 2 .2 . d . f . 7 .1 6 . 6 . f . b . e . 0 .d . d . 8 .9 . 1 . 5 . d .b . 0 . 2 .

The remaining characters are d0 48 d0 16 47 ab 61 ff b7 b5 9d ca a2 66 03 a0, however if this has any use is yet to be seen.

Three hours after the W/ARE Discord Admin let the community know about the puzzle, at 6:01 PM UTC they returned and said

That was it for today, good job on solving our community puzzle! You are good! :smiley:
Tomorrow one of our partners will have a giveaway for us! We will have more for you this weekend also!

I presume, then, that if GD doesn’t have it “solved”, it’s an “unsolved” or “open” aspect of the ARG…

I’m curious if any of our ETARC community are gifted with the ability / knowledge / understanding of
… and/or ever recognise the Debug.exe / Hexadecimal pair “0D 0A” as “CR/LF”…?

{For those who don't, open this.}

… a “CR/LF” = “Carriage Return / Line Feed”, a carry-over from the old typewriter days, which means (CR) go back to the start of the line (ie return to Left margin limit) and (LF) scroll one line, for further input.

I’m making one helluva stretch – cuz I don’t know Assembly / Machine Lang…

… but given the “unsolved” part of the data above, is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY it might be “reversed” and “stepped”, so the 0D 0A can be together, and the rest might be part of some small code program???


Right before the extraction event, the WT livestream revealed that their were actually 3 phases in this season of the ARG:

Phase 4: Everything up until we starting helping the dreamers.
Phase 5: Helping dreamers with the phone app conversations and various events.
Phase 6: The final livestream and extraction event.

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Thanks, @MacForADay. :slight_smile:
… and I realise that, effectively, the ARG is “over”…

HOWEVER, the whole thing about the still-corrupted dreamer-with-no-name led me to wonder if there might be anything else we - as a global community - may have “missed” or overlooked…

… and the fact is, as can be seen from the GD’s own page and text – unless there’s ABSOLUTELY NO USE to the extra data “separated from” the interleaved(!) matching characters from the interface – there’s a possible dataset which has not been attributed any “use” (yet)… and, to me, leaves at least one (little) avenue potentially worth taking a peek down… :wink: :+1:

Am I missing sthg from your reply…?
Did you mean to write more than that?

See, we “now” have 6 “dead” (red) dreamers, some “saved” (green) dreamers, and that other one.


… and I’m totally wondering if there’s a “residual chance” we can find anything ELSE about them. :smiley:

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I was just pointing out that your title only says phase 4, while there is actually phase 4-6.

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Ah, yes, thanks @MacForADay – I’m only addressing a part of Ph.4, as explored in the GameDetectives website / wikia, so, yeah, not about 5 or 6. :wink: :+1:

Just “revisiting” Phase 4. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your clarification, though; appreciated.