A small easy enough one, from Phase 2


Here is a small and easy enough puzzle inspired from Phase 2.


The reason I’m putting it in, is that I start wondering if it won’t end up being something like that in Phase 2 at some point!

Somewhat using the decoder ring from Phase 2, find the passcode from:

74 a 19 53 7 g 22 73 7

(alternative one : 74 a 19 49 g 22 73 7)



I got this far and now im clueless XD

Thanks for participating! You probably put too much thinking into it, you’ll see it’s pretty straight forward.

A little hint if needed:

You need some Tungsten to start off the recipe…

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@DevilinPixy got the answer. Congratulations!

Warning: SPOILER : Answer is in there...
Are you sure you want to see the answer?
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It’s actually known as a Periodic Table Cypher, which is a simple substitution of the atomic number with the corresponding element code name.
For instance 74, is the atomic number for Tungsten, hence replaced by “W” (Tungsten code name).
Only numbers are replaced, letters already in the cypher code remain unchanged in the plaintext.
Therefore the answer is “Waking Titan”!